Humanity Edu. Action Legislation (H.E.A.L) Fund

Humanity Education Action Legislation (H.E.A.L) Fund. Our nation needs to heal! Help us unite as we form a more perfect union by enacting legislation for a H.E.A.L. Join us as we build a coalition for a federally mandated curriculum in every classroom throughout America, that will educate children grades K-12 on Humanity and Equality.  As American citizens, we believe that there is only one race - the human race! We call you to action!  We call you to support change in America NOW! Good people make progress; great people make a difference! We must cast aside the mindless  never ending  circular  argument  of racism  and focus  on each others humanity.  Humanity  and Racism can not exist  in the same space.  You must love one and hate the other. If one is humane then by default  one can't be racidt by default  I can't be racist. If I'm humane towards you  then I can't be hateful. We must siege this salient moment by enacting Humanity  Education in America. Enacting legislation requires funds to hire expert curriculum developers, child psychologists, consultants, educators, and other expertise. Together let's build a curriculum from which our children can learn to appreciate and celebrate the different beautiful communities in this country! We can construct a program where children learn tolerance and the importance of NOT bullying. Children can learn to respect each other regardless of one's skin color, sex, gender, religion, or individualism. We must educate children early and often so that they learn about communities of color long before policing them. We must educate them about Humanity and Equality while they are in the pipeline of the American education system.If we don't teach children to love someone will teach them to hate!We must educate every child on what it means to be humane   before they become civil servants and carry a gun and a badge. This should occur long before some police officers confuse their duty to serve and protect with a license to kill. We all bear witness to these crimes against humanity. The bad characters using tactics such as taking a knee to commit murder or choking the life out of communities of color are merely accomplices. The real crime is that "white silence" equals violence. The real crime is that for centuries, people of color have disproportionately suffered mass incarceration  instead of an early quality education! The real crime is the U. S. government’s unfair practice of spending  more money per student per capita on Americans of European descent children vs. per student per capita on American of African descent children. Let us educate kids about himanity and equality when they are four, so we don't have to prosecute them for hate crimes when they are forty-four! America, we have all been subpoenaed and now before the world we are standing trial! The racism that has been allowed to terrorize those in  American African communities for more than 400 years must be brought to justice! If we don’t, the world will judge us, our children will judge us, and ultimately God will judge us! The pledge of allegiance must be spoken and ring with truth not just for a majority group of which many members are privileged; but also for Americans of color. All too often Americans of color speak the pledge of allegiance with hollowed voices because they can't breathe. America's voices must harmonize to seek justice and liberty for all! The winds of change are moving from tree to tree and sea to sea! We watched 30 million Americans protest the cruel  and inhumane  treatment  and death of Mr.  George Floyd , millions more the world over also took to the streets! Make no mistake these protests began and must continue in homes all across America.  A diverse generation of young people, mainly young Americans of Euro descent, carry signs that read “Enough is Enough!” They demand change from their parents and inclusion for all!  They demand that people of all ethnicities and socio economic  backgrounds must have a seat at America’s table. Shouts of protest in big cities, rural areas, and in America’s Heartland pierce the air, insisting that everyone have an unbiased opportunity to pursue the American dream!  They are demanding that their grandparents not use certain words that are not only evil but have unfairly and sanctimoniously come to define an entire ethnicity at times! Young people, having the audacity to insist that their parents either love them and hate racism or love racism and hate them! Young people, proudly standing on the side of righteousness and on the right side of history!  Our American children of color are heroic.  For far too long they’ve had to fight against their American Euro counterparts’ biased and sometimes racist views that have been taught to them. Help us formalize this informal education that young people of color have had to effectively teach their Euro American counterparts.  In turn, young  Americans of Euro descent are teaching and demanding changed minds and attitudes of their parents and prior generations.  They are the standard-bearers and the gatekeepers. As a result, boardrooms, classrooms, and living rooms all across America are changing and shifting. These courageous young people are having "the talk" with their parents! Our children deserve a better future and we need your support. Our minds are our weapons and the racist words and actions of a few must no longer be allowed  to be weaponized against many and continue  to disturb  the peace of this nation! America is a beautiful  tapestry  of people. We rise or fall together!Please take the time to invest in our children by supporting the Humanity Education Action Legislation (H.E.A.L).
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