Please Help Diane Phillips-Next 6 Months

Hello. My name is Lela Diane Phillips. I am 59 years old. On April 27 I was at church and had a massive stroke. The EMTs got me to Mansfield Methodist Hospital in record time. The doctors gave me the shot to hopefully reverse the clogged blood vessels. Praise God, it worked. At least, physically. Now, my brain doesn't work like it used to. I am currently on home health care and I need intense neurological therapy. I can't go back to work like this. The only family I have here is my church family. The church took up a love offering for me and that paid my bills for May. I have put in for SSI and disability but that may take 6 months to be approved. My need for June is $2000. Can you help me? And even if you can't donate, if you could like and share for others to see, I would be grateful. Thank you and God Bless!

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