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Frosted Glass is an independent feature written by Anthony Fairweather, an award-winning poet and performance artist, whose poetry helped psychiatrist Dr Sheila Dawson (NHS Leicestershire) diagnose him with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 26. 

The film takes true events as it's source matertial and is designed to tell a story of that which is all around us, but seldom discussed: the experience of living with Asperger’s Syndrome, the stigma of mental illness and the discrimination that many people on the autistic spectrum face in everyday life.

The project is seeking further investment, to secure the final tranche of funding to take the film through post-production and beyond.


The film’s primary aim is to raise awareness of not only Asperger’s Syndrome but also educate people about mental health issues more generally.
No one could explain why this film is so vitally important better than its Writer Anthony:

 “A quarter of us will have to live with a mental health condition at some point in our lives. The condition I live with is Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's is a form of Autism that has been described as 'looking at the world through a frosted glass window’; hence the title of our film. One of the inherent problems with conditions like Asperger’s Syndrome is that there can be few discernible physical signs. This is one of the contributory causes to the misunderstanding and stigma people with mental health conditions often face.

I have been lucky: I have managed to come through many adversaries and been handed opportunities that many people never receive. There are still many who suffer in silence and feel isolated and alone. I believe that if people are presented with a visual representation of the effect of mental health conditions, they will be able to better understand and support these vulnerable and indeed, extremely valuable members of society.

At my very lowest I started writing poetry, describing how I felt. It didn't make be happy, but certainly happier. Some of the poems that I have written are performed in the film. Through words and semi-surreal imagery I believe I can show it for what it is really like to experience this, and then we can all understand it better..."

The problem can be best summed up this extract of an interview given by Spike Milligan  Anthony Clare:

AC - “You're like so many people who suffer, you must get very irritated with people who say 'Snap out of it'.”

SM - “That's's like going round with a broken leg - being told 'Come on, walk, you'll be alright'.”

AC - Why is it so difficult to describe?

SM - “It's invisible, there's no written diagrams. It's an abstract, it's a sensation...”

- Spike Milligan

Of all the post war writers and comics, Spike Milligan is acknowlwdged as one of the greatest. He suffered with severe mental conditions for most of his life.


One quarter of us will live with such conditions during our lives, and yet the stigma and misunderstanding leads this quarter remaining in a hidden quarter.


Welcome to the Hidden Quarter
Of tragedy and farce
Welcome to the Hidden Quarter
Beyond the Frosted Glass...

Looking in from outside
The view seems rather blurred
But in all it looks quite normal
And I would have concurred

If I had not lived there
From the time that I was born
Enduring playground ridicule
And thence the teenage scorn

And so to grown up prejudice
From those taught not to judge
And even with the truth explained
Stood firm and wouldn't budge.

But plain and simple ignorance,
That was their only crime,
They didn't know the Hidden Quarter,
Though it's there all the time,

But now here is a guided tour
Of a small part of that land
There's darkness there and some despair
But the route is carefully planned,

For there's also light and quiet power
That's hidden in each nook
You may not know when it's coming
But always know to look.

You may not even notice it
When it shines right in your eyes
But gives it's comfort later on
When you've seen through it's disguise.

So welcome to the Hidden Quarter
Of tragedy and farce,
Welcome to the Hidden Quarter,
Beyond the Frosted Glass.

Welcome to the Hidden Quarter,

Come, I hold the key
To a world of which you've always known,
Yet oh-so seldom see.

- Anthony Fairweather
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