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COVID-19 is affecting people across the world but for those living in poverty, the potential impact is massive.  With these unfolding events and its effects across the globe, we want to reach out and extend our support and empathy in these challenging times.

In these difficult times, Our girls affected by Covid-19 pandemic, should not be left behind. They have been unprotected, abused, neglected and exploited before and during this Covid-19 crisis. Many of these girls won't return to school in September 2020, as they are pregnant, engaged in early marriages, illegal deals and in high social high risks games.  Many of these girls came from poor parental background and are in extreme poverty, also living in the streets. They are more exposed to serious risks than ever before.

The Overall Objective is to create productive employment opportunities for youth through provision of market oriented skills.

The Project Expected Outcome by 2021 will be:
a.  485 female-youths will complete their skill training courses, empowered and provided with start-up kits;
b. Training centre will be fully operational by restoring all necessary building, Tools, Equipment, and other materials and staff;
c.   About 70% of total trainees will be engaged either in starting their own small businesses or get employed.
d.  Cross cutting and complementary activities
Our Solution: 
Since there will be labour shortage after Covid-19 pandemic, trades, life-skills and economic empowerment education and training will be delivered. This type of training is practical skills training with minimal theory input apart from practical training, two supplementary subjects (entrepreneurship and IT ) will be provided.

The project will recruit competent and qualified teachers, Trainers, and Supervisors for the attainment of desired goals, prepare training session Plans and procurement of goals, Equipment, Materials, etc.;  Recruit trainers and assessing their skill needs to be registered for the program; and Liaise with the ministry of education, and other partner Organizations for adequate funds, certification and job or self employment.  

The training model is structured in such a way to offer a short- term labour intensive and demand driven training focused on market needs to enable trainee to enter into workforce in the informal sector. The initial stage of the training is a center based for basic skills and entrepreneurship complemented by attachments in local enterprises. The attachment, which lasts for six months, is a crucial element in the program. it is intended to facilitate the critical stage in transition from training to work.

This stage of training will have the following components:  Skills – Cum – Product Training, Entrepreneurship Training, IT Skill, Agriculture, Appropriate Technology, Hotel and Torurism, Art, Designing, Photography, Mining, etc, and Enterprise Visit (for familiarization with particular trades and training on the job in different specialty business companies). Cross cutting and complementary activities will include gardening, awareness campaigns on and malaria, Covid-19 messages and ending all forms of violence, including child marriage, teenage pregnancies and traditional harmful practices,  gender sensitization.

As for sustainability,  it can be achieved by Institutional Training support from business companies to cover some operating costs;  funds raised by selling products of the centre to maintain the centre and help trainees; and through Grant aid provided by donors for short  and long terms.  A Progress indicator tools will be used to monitor and evaluate the project on regular basis. Donor and partner organizations have the right to monitor and supervise the project to assess performance and progress.

Program costs: USD 7,000 for rehabilitation and training.

Volunteers: Volunteers aged 21 and above with keen interest in the above courses should apply to train and equipped underprivileged and disadvantaged girls.

Thank you note:
Most Thanks to all our fine sponsors - the Anne Frank Fonds, Girls Not Brides, John Nadolski, Grace Brandt, Pastor Bradley Webb, Faeth Webb, LeRoy Lyons, Lauren, Kara, Anna Hooper, Josephine Conneely, Wendy Williams, Kara Ornato-Quvus, and Lauren Mobley, etc. for supporting this initiative to end child marriage through this Special School.  Be part of this moves to make it happen.

We are all responsible to the communities in which we live and work, and to the world community as well. So be Part to day of this vision.

A debut from Melinda Gates, a timely and necessary call to action for women's empowerment.

Read Melinda Gates Book below on The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World


“In her book, Melinda tells the stories of the inspiring people she’s met through her work all over the world, digs into the data, and powerfully illustrates issues that need our attention―from child marriage to gender inequity in the workplace.” ― President Barack Obama

When we lift others up, they lift us up, too.

Thank you, Patrick F. Koroma, Coord & Dev, ChildHelp
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