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Life Before Severe TARGETING

Update August 20, 2016

Nearly two years ago this campaign was started to resurrect a life destroyed by illegal, covert TARGETING.  As you can see, over two years we've raised a fraction of the need, primarily because TARGETING has been so very successful.  Facebook regularly kills this link & too many of you have reported you've tried to contribute only to have your efforts thwarted even here on Go Fund Me.  More than 7000 souls have reviewed this campaign, and if each only contributed $10 USD, the gifts I would be able to share with our world - as the TARGETERS well know - would be exponential.  Art, compassionate creative enterprises, a retreat center in either the South Pacific or the Caribbean., more books and much more.

Specifics are:

Resurrection of BodyByBliss (TM) & IS (TM) health and wellness consultancy locally here in Sarasota and via social media, if possible.  BodyByBliss (TM) is my personal commitment to a very personal approach to soul coaching that has always gifted clients only the very best they are.  BodyByBliss (TM), founded in 2005 originally, and one of many branch members of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, has always been committed to exactly that - your truth.  Please see a description from 2011 right before SEVERE TARGETING began:

BodyByBliss ™ and/or IS ® Services and Rates
BodyByBliss ™  and/or IS ® Services and Rates
BBB or IS or a BBB/IS Combination Individual Consultations

$150.00/hour – sessions offer more than 30 years of spiritual, emotional and physical evolutionary knowledge and guidance.  Each consulting or coaching session is tailored to address the client’s needs, goals and objectives.  A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended.  Sessions are conducted via telephone or Skype, whichever the client prefers.  BBB ™ and IS ® consulting prepaid packages are available and priced according to number of sessions a client requests.  For example: 10 sessions: $1200.00 or a 20% discount. 

BBB ™ Comprehensive Cellular Cleanses

$500.00/week for a personalized cleansing program, unlimited access to Ani Kaspar, and for a 3 month weekly follow-up after cleanse.  Minimum period allowed for a BBB™ Comprehensive Cellular Cleanse is 3 weeks, although many clients with degenerative conditions cleanse for more than a year.  Clients may request live-in educational cleanse programs, and rates for those programs are tailored according to client needs, goals and objectives. 

Please see,  www.pelicanscoconutsandbutterf (both sites were closed illegally) and client testimonials or call now [phone redacted] for additional information about BBB ™ or IS ® services. 

Private Soul Blossoming Retreats Throughout the World

These retreats are intensive and accomplish in 4 – 7 days what may normally require months via telephone or Skype.  Depending on client preferences retreat fees range between $1500.00 and $15,000.00, exclusive of travel and accomodation costs.  Please see our note on retreats for a more comprehensive description of a retreat at either Ani Kaspar or Pelicans, Coconuts & Butterflies Facebook pages.  Also see a few of our most recent testimonials posted also on Facebook.
BBB/IS Workshops, Seminars & APK Speaking Engagements

Creative services are comprehensive and designed specifically to meet client and/or audience requirements.  Rates are dependent on a variety of factors and determined to best meet the needs, goals and objectives of the client and/or audience. 
Please know all services and programs are subject to availability of and scheduling commitments of Ani Kaspar.  Rates are also negotiable in instances of extreme distress. 

BodyByBliss ™ and IS ® were created and are offered by Ani Kaspar, a conduit for healing, wholeness and spiritual evolution, and author of ‘Pelicans, Coconuts & Butterflies: Conquering Cancer with a Life of Soul’

 Ani Kaspar, a passionate humanitarian with a strong history of women's rights activism, abandons Wall Street to pursue a tranquil life. Healing herself of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia with a living foods diet, she settles in the Land of Enchantment, Santa Fe, NM. A few years into her new life and starting a wellness consultancy, BodyByBliss (TM), in 2005 she is diagnosed with severe cancer in both breasts.

 A living foodist for more than eight years, with fierce spirit and determination Ani challenges "the norm." Refusing to believe what conventional medicine preaches about breast cancer, Ani seeks her own truth. Committed to healing naturally, she investigates alternative breast cancer treatment options in the United States. Four years and $250,000 later, Ani's breast cancer is indolent, but for how long?

'Pelicans, Coconuts and Butterflies' takes us on a journey of exploration, devotion and stubbornness. Through the majestic beauty of northern New Mexico, to the luscious Western Highlands of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan and tropical Porta del Sol in the azure Caribbean, Ani's life weaves a journey of deep soul growth and discovery. This is Ani's intimate story of healing, of choosing delicious divinity in the face of death.  It is an extraordinary story of courage, commitment and compassion. Ani's journey through breast cancer is every person's journey through a life deeply discovered and unbound. 

 To live a life of soul, Ani advocates a comprehensive mind, body and spirit overhaul that includes intense introspection, total body cleansing and nourishing and a developing a deeply intimate relationship with your life and your personal divinity. Travel with her as she reaches beyond her own personal limits, the boundaries of belief and creates her dream life ~ a life of unbounded love and soul. 

APK Biography

 Ani Kaspar is a deeply spiritual being and pioneering advocate of non-invasive, alternative cures for all dis/ease.   She’s a humanitarian, seeker of truth and conduit for healing.  Ani’s humanitarian call to action “Compassionate Cure for Cancer ®” asks cancer patients worldwide to request the modern medical community investigate and deliver natural, less invasive method of treating and curing cancer.  She is a near six-year thriver of intra-ductal carcinoma – the most prevalent breast cancer in the world today.  Ani consults, conducts educational and motivational seminars, workshops and retreats, and is a life coach and international speaker.  In 2005, Ani founded BodyByBliss ™, an international wellness consultancy.  She is the creator of a unique, self-exploration method called IS ® Intuitive Sovereignty.  Ani is fifty-two years old and lives blissfully in Rincon, Puerto Rico with pelicans, coconuts and butterflies.  (Now in Sarasota, FL with the same.)
For additional information about any service or fee, please contact info@pelicanscoconutsandbutter or ani@pelicanscoconutsandbutterf  Or call [phone redacted] or [phone redacted]
(Now [phone redacted])

You can see why my work was so severely TARGETED. Exactly when these businesses were blossoming strongly the TARGETING escalated dramatically to such a degree my entire life was destroyed.  EVERYTHING, soup to nuts.  Let's resurrect this work right here, right now.   Estimated cost to resurrect business is now about $3000 USD.

Founding of Chiaroscuro Art & Design, a easy-to-wear internet retail site committted to your creative express. You choose the cost-effective clothing item, the art design you wish to see grace it, where you wish to wear it, and the inspiration you wish to share with the world - creating an creative moment with your clothing or the clothing of those you love.  Your design is catelogued so others might be inspired by your work and you share a new unique and sustainable work of art you co-created with local art.  And a percentage of net revenues will be gifted to the not-for-profit of your choice, locally or nationally, or internationally.  The concept can be shared throughout many different destinations of our world where local artists wish to participate.  

Estimated costs for this business are quite low, so far, because the majorty of the work will be done, I believe, by students from the Ringling School of Art and other donors of time and resources.  Estimated cost now of commencing business is $5000 USD.

Launching of The Tipehereth Oracle, a subscription based blog addressing the most current cutting edge news and information on the planet.  Still researching but have a gander @

Our goals would be much more modest,  but you can imagine what is possible with the right support and funding.  No estimated costs at this time because more important is also:

My life and health.

I've finally secured a wonderful home, but a security deposit of $700 USD and $400 utility deposit is necessary IMMEDIATELY.  My new landlord was kind enough to allow me to move in WITHOUT EITHER.  We must raise IMMEDIATELY these monies and some monies to furnish space (all from Goodwill, etc.  Currently sleeping on hard sofa contributed by landlord) enough so I can be productive and projects do not falter for another two years.  Cost of furnishing - soup to nuts - about $2000 USD.  Will have personal consults there as well so immediate furnishing is critical. Would like to have space up and running ASAP to be able to work from home.  Landlord will help as much as possible but she is leaving for three weeks on August 25th.  We must move FAST to raise these funds.  

Lastly, my health has been dramatically damaged through five years of SEVERE TARGETING.  While I will not shock you with the horrors of EMF and perpetual stress, both of which exhaust your savings, your career, your friends, your overall resources, future and your health, I will state there is third stage cancer in my right breast, the very breast I essentially cured - one of the major reasons for the SEVERE TARGETING is I was not allowed to begin a successful business based on my personal amazing breast and other health restoration efforts.  The cancer must be addressed ASAP.  Cost of monthly protocol is only about $1000/month for six months.  I am more than grateful for any and all super or anti-cancer foods and supplements that can be gifted.  However, if there is a kind soul out there who wishes only to support this portion of the fund raiser, I am more than grateful and am willing to trade my expertise in kind to whomever that person wishes also to gift.  

All elements combined cost about $10000 USD, which is what the new campaign is committed to - Ani Living !
Let's do time is running out.  We need every angel possible here, right here, right now.  Thank you !

Life Before Severe TARGETING

Innocents worldwide are being illegally TARGETED for reasons unknown to most. Some remember insulting a neighbor once.  Others can recall no life event that could precipitate the horror TARGETING now is daily for them,  Others like myself have been advocates for human, civil and constitutional rights.  Some appear to be non-consensual human experimentation subjects.  And still others are simply people who prefer truth to deception.  There's so much we still cannot know about TARGETING, but somethings we do know.  I wish to share them with you today so we can not only fund this effort without further delay but also because we can together create a chance to survive these most sinister crimes against humanity.

A rogue black OP, TARGETING, known also as covert
surveillance, organized stalking, harassment, and torture, is not only illegal internationally,  it is a HIGH CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.  It is a crime as severe as the concentration camps in Nazi Germany, the Gulag in Soviet Russia and totalitarian excesses we've witnessed throughout history.  And this is only the beginning those of us deeply researching this bizzare, often Kafkaesque phenomenon hestitantly believe.  

TARGETING is a  of non-touch torture. It is a gravely life damaging and murderous series of well-orchestrated acts of covert control that couples YOUR TAX $$$ with the most advanced manipulative technology in the history of mankind. However, according to early
estimates, MORE THAN 70% of those targeted are women, between the ages of 40 and 70 - the once anticipated  - by Wall Street itself - richest sector of the 'baby- boomer' generation.  Instead we see a very disconcerting monetary allocation elsewhere.

Life Before Severe TARGETING

After now nearly a decade of severe economic hardship weathered throughout the world at the hands of bad bankers, I find this fact most disturbing.  Those TARGETING spend more than $200,000/month per TARGET, according to H. Michael Sweeney, a subject specialist.  I often wonder - especially since severe TARGETING - where the trillions the banking industry supposedly lost really are ?  How can anyone fiscally responsible justify wasting anywhere from $124,000 - 1,200,000 annually to toement an innocent TARGET to certain destitution, delerium or death, while we face certain life threats daily, worse even, in the 21st century ?  The impact of these clearly mentally compromised decisions is beyond reasonable measure.
We have entered the period of 'The Insane.'  We must exit it immediately.

If we do not act TARGETING  may become the norm rather than the exception. According to
William Binney, 30 plus year NSA specialist, now human rights whistleblower, more than 4 billion people worldwide are already surveilled 24/7. Chances
you are one of those illegally monitored.  Chances are our children, grandchildren, and perhaps even unborns, are monitored in what seems a surreally sophisticated and wildly paranoid techological hell of epic dimension.

Life Before Severe TARGETING 

Let's start to end TARGETING today.  Support my life, this campaign by contributing any amount you can, sharing it with friends, family and followers, and by committing to ourselves our full dedication to freeing future generations and ourselves from what can only be called a grave transgress of power and priviledge.  $124,000 - 1,200,00 is a lot of capital to commit to ONE TARGET annually.  Those who TARGET are undoubtedly steeped too deeply in the most corrupted power and priviledge.

Contact your local, state and federal representatives, as well as the United Nations Special Commission on Human Rights, and national and local ACLU
(Currently investigating this criminal
activity nationwide in the US. See:
80746983[phone redacted]741[phone redacted]0773755
6644&type=3&theater and ). Request
an immediate, comprehensive investigation
into what may be the largest attempt ever
to control and potentially genocide We the People.

Life Before Severe TARGETING 

Stand today for all generations or fall fatally, perhaps, forever. Regularly visit my Facebook page for updating information about what I state easily:  'a most sinister attempt to undermine any attempt of sovereignty
and personal freewill or expression.'  

Over the past five years EVERY ASPECT  of my life has been destroyed by severe TARGETING. I am TARGETED because  I have long been a spiritual adept, advocated for human/civil/constitutional rights all my 57 years, began a journey in natural healing  and living foods in 1996, and in 2010  published my first book, 'Pelicans, Coconuts & Butterflies' which requested
a compassionate CURE FOR CANCER.  If you visit recent videos @ Ani Kaspar/Facebook, you will see
just how horrifically my life has been affected.  I've aged 20 years in 5 and am the most unhealthy I've ever been after investing in natural recovery from breast cancer and CFIDs/FMS for 15 years !  

You can bet I am committed to the end of  covert torture. My effort is also very personal because my paternal grandfather was a founder of one of the technologies - CERN - involved
in this worldwide, silent horror. I do apologize.
I am available if you have any questions @
[phone redacted] or @ [email redacted]

In great gratitude & grace I thank you for supporting OUR life, work, health and future today,

Ani Kaspar
[phone redacted]
[email redacted]

PS: $7,000 USD necessary to launch art business, (see images @ Ani Kaspar/Facebook or a bit below), website, and move to Caribbean, at last.  Please call for more information.  I will send you an executive summary for review.  All monies raised - about $10,000 USD in total - can be used to secure consultations, artwork and more.  I am more than happy to co-create with a compassionate community of creatives like myself !

Life Before Severe TARGETING

Virtual Gallery: Ani's Artwork

I share the great gift TARGETING has blessed me with regularly on Facebook without a personal computer, any training, powerful software and for free, for now.  More than 27 requests for art/design work have been turned away because without funding delivery of HD work is impossible.  Many requests have been from art institutes and galleries.  I was also told recently - by someone who knows - I should apply for a scholarship at one of the top art schools in America, the Rhode Island School of Design.  We just need $7000 USD to be up & rolling, for real.  See executive summary upon request.

Thank you for enjoying our virtual gallery.  Please fund Ani's artwork today.   Donate here or call [phone redacted] for Executive Summary. Thank you.  

Original Campaign Copy from 2014, Before I understood the level of TARGETING to which my life has been subjected since 2010.

Ani Rising

Thank you so much for sharing
this worldwide community fundraiser
to save my life, & live a moment
of creating compassion, a sweet spot
for me all my life.   May of you will
remember my first public kiss
for compassion - 'Pelicans, Coconuts
& Butterflies: Conquering Cancer
with a Life of Soul' my first book
that invited our world to create
compassion in the conventional
cancer treatment community. I
am sooooooooo joyous to see
the amazing growth toward this
energetic pulse & to now nine
plus years since a breast cancer
diagnosis experience a more
loving,compassionate & nature
based traditional medical

I also thank you for just being here in this sweet moment called 'Ani Rising'.
How happy I am to be moving
in bliss, grace, love and prosperity
with you ! We can do this, so let's !
Over the last three months I've had
to many times re-feel this campaign
because we've - you & me - are 
still learning the true foundation of

Know I am striving to keep this 
note as simple as possible, so the
basics are easily understood, treasured
& acted upon in divine harmony. 
WE are the change WE wish to see
in the world.   WE are all innocent &
all guilty.  WE are all responsible &
irresponsible.  WE are all standing here
together to either create compassion,
forgiveness, unconditional love, or
not.  WE are gifted this amazing 
opportunity our entire lives -
moment to moment, breath to breath.
WE now must choose.

If only 1000 of the more than 300,000
peeps who visit my FB daily contributes
only $25 USD each - such a gift in such
times - we will have reached our goal !
& WE will be able - together - to continue
to gift our world opportunities for
cascading compassion.  (Please note
to benefit from numerology $26,000
USD is posted as goal.  Anyone who
needs monthly accounting, please simply

Life Before Severe TARGETING 


Mis amores, I have always been a 
worlditarian (someone who lovingly
is dedicated to a better world), but
truly stepped up to the pulse, so
to speak,  when I entered the morally
bankrupt morass called the financial
services industy.  Within a year of
becoming a Senior Vice President
at the tender age of 27, I knew, to
my very bones, how corrupted
Wall Street was.  Although I attempted
to transcend and/or transmute that
corruption, it would be years before
I, along with 7 other women, launched
the landmark gender discrimination
class action against then the world's
leading financial services firm, Merrill
Lynch.  Without a doubt the horrific
stories I heard from women who were
raped, undermined, dismissed, discrimnated against, stalked/taunted, refused rightful
support from management, birthed
in me a new level of compassion and
commitment to assisting our world
in its evolution to bigger, better, brighter,
blisser, and blesser.  

By 1997 when I was disagnosed with
CFIDS/FMS (after more than 10 years of 
80 hour work weeks), that compassion
flowed into health, wellness and natural 
and conventional medicine.  I was simply
amazed at how 'stupified' the traditional
medical community seemed, and how
easy true healing truly was.  After more
than $100,000 USD allocated to 
natural healing, I essnetially cured myself
of severe CFIDS/FMS.  At the time I 
never suspected foul-play.  When a new,
much more potentially lethal diagnosis
appeared on the horizon in 2005. I 
became very alarmed.  My family had
fundamentally been exceedingly healthy.
I had been the same,  After eight years
of LOVING myself up close and personal
daily every which way from left, right
and center, I was simply blown away by
a serious breast cancer diagnosis that
would lead me to the rabbit-hole and
it's wildly unending commitment to
not a life of LIVING, but to a life of

As I learned what we all had been
brainwashed to believe about our lives
here on Gaia, my compassion grew
a trillion-fold, and that very same 
burst of love birthed many amazing
moments in my life, which are now
captured in two books:

'Pelicans, Coconuts & Butterflies: 
Conguering Cancer with A Life
of Soul.'


'Falling of the Avocados: A Life
of Miracles' (which still has to be
completed and published).

That boundless love also birthed 
BodyByBliss (TM) my soul
evolutionary consulting business
which until 2011 was the mainstay
of my annual income, with clients from
all over the world.   That consulting,
and these books accelertated an
already massive targeting campaign
against me, my life (physical,
spiritual, pyschological) and my future.
For three years I was attacked in every
way imaginable.  I tried to share with
everyone I knew what was happening,
but for whatever reason - a very good
one I will soon know, Goddess tells
me - no one heard me,  Again, as had been
the case on Wall Street, I was a 'too early
bird' and the worm was not there for
me until today.  

As you know, there have been many, too many,
obstacles in my path over the last three years.
Let's just call a spade a spade: more than
$35,000 in personal possessions were
either destroyed or stolen.  You cannot
& shouldn't even imagine. (PR was & remains
in deep turmoil, so much of these issues
had nothing to do with me & more to do
with an island that was over-run by massive
crime, indictated for RICO by the US Justice
Department, and saw its largest exodus
of inhabitants in its history over the same
three years.)  It was truly surreal in the
extreme, mis amores.  Like us all I was
called to purge anything other than
love, light, grace, hope, peace,
harmony, and LIFE.  I have well learned the
a love that transcends even compassion ! 
Today I ask you to join me in this new stage
of my person, life and future. 

Together we are ONE LOVE

If you need to understand intimately all
that transpired over the last three years,
please do feel free to contact me directly.
Since the energy of that time was quite
challenging, I have sought to shelter you
from it.  For example, just recently a
local Ithaca oncologist determined it
is very possible the breast cancer that
was diagnosed nearly 10 years ago was
never 'life-threatening.'  I must live with
the knowledge that had I chosen better,
earlier this journey would've not been
one of my life.  I now am open to great
health because I have lived the great 
turning point of self-understanding
in both the macro & the micro.

Rather than burden you with yet more 
amazing, gifting moment of journey, I 
will refer you to the Notes section of
my primary Facebook - Ani Kaspar -
page.  I believe when you read the
recent notes you will better see the
flow of a still most holy path.  You
will recognize in my life the divinity
of your own life.  & I pray we can learn
from each other, moment to moment,
breath to breath. Here's a bit of a 
major wake-up call that recently 
blessed my life:

Needless to say, had a much earlier in my
life readily accepted my soul path much
of the pain & suffering this path gifted me
would've never been necessary.  Like you,
I too can be reluctant to accept the gift
of a cosmic mission.  I can only forgive
myself & move forward in hope, love &
prayer with each & every one of YOU.  

if you have any questions, suggestions,
or wish to help this campaign please call
me @ [phone redacted] or email me at [email redacted]
or [email redacted].

Now let's look at the 'Ani Rising'
fundraising goal components:

(Please note: all monetary amounts will change
as we move into success with individual
goals.  I am a financial manager at heart with
8 as my lead number, so I work diligently
NOT to waste any resource. & at any time should
you wish to contribute product/service
rather than USDs I could not be more grateful.)


As you know breast cancer was diagnosed as late third stage & now much larger, but apparently non-lethal.  Unless I am able to truly eradicate the remaining cancer, I will have to have a radical masectomy.  I am trying to turn my physicans my way, but you know how that can be. My health - from chemspraying & severe TARGETING requires some very serious attention to THRIVE BEYOND the utter mayhem of life since 'breast cancer' & the other issues I've mentioned here.  Monthly expenses are as follows (please feel free to donate items as well):

Super foods like BioSuperFoods, spirulina, chlorella, coconut and other oils, goji berries, barley greens, and greens, greens, veggies & more veggies, as well as super anti-cancer foods like green tea, turmeric, lemons, ginger, cayenne and much more. $1000/month
for 6 months.

If you would prefer to purchase any item directly from the vendor and then send it to me, I am more than grateful. However your support works for you is more than perfect for me.

Health/medical needs are very important. For three years I've been unable to follow my strict anti-cancer regime, and so I am where I am physically.  Whatever you can contribute is more than appreciated. If conventional medical insurance covered this protocol it would cost you and me NOTHING, and only about $250,000 USD over the cancer lifetime, rather than more than $1 million USD per cancer patient.  Let's
continue to create compassionate care together & create another miracle beyond 'non-lethal breast cancer.'  Together we can continue to change the medical paradigm.  But I do need to be in as robust health as possible to succeed in the goals I have for myself !

My efforts here are for each and every one of us. We all deserve to heal naturally when possible. My Compassionate Care campaign, founded in 2010 when my first book 'Pelicans, Coconuts and Butterflies: Conquering Cancer with a Life of Soul, continues, as you see. Let's continue to create the wonderful miracle
of compassionate care for all.

Monthly costs for 6 year of life
restorative, anti-cancer
protocol: $1000 USD or $6000 USD.
This number has been reduced by 50% because
since the cancer is really 'dormant' only 6 months
of radical, intense cleansing is now necessary.  How
ever you can help is more than accepted & most
deeply appreciated. 


This remains the same because I've 
located support for securing space
& only need to transport the remains
of a once FULL life & to secure a 
good car so I can gt around in
this new day, new way.

I am focused on securing
wonderful housing where I can also
work, but ultimately I your help  For now,
I simply need monies for transport of my remaining
person items from New Mexico and for a lovely small
used Toyota of some sort.  Estimated costs are:

$2000 USD for possesion transport
$5000 for a solid used car

Total: $7000 USD 

heartART (R) & BODYBYBLISS (TM) & more 

As most of you know, over the last six months
there have been many requests for my artwork. Unfortunately, because a new, computer is necessary, as well as new CS6 software (with a bit of training for this sweet girl), I was unable to deliver the level of art demanded from such requests. More than $10,000 in dated revenues was lost because I was imply unable to work according to marketplace specs.  I will sell my artwork in a way that benefits women and children AND financially supports the new not-for-profit, 'nEwDaY NeWaY' !

I've been blessed to have several FB friends help with this part of fundraising, and we only need $3000 to begin, which includes ALL NEW enterprise costs !  That mis amores is simply a miracle ~ the miracle of loving friends !

Total new business & not-for-profit
start-up costs: $7000 USD

So the 'Ani Rising' total investment 
needs come to a budget (maybe even
less as time goes by) of: $20,000 -
25,000 USD !  Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Mis amores, thank you for being a part of
one of the most difficult & beautiful 
times of my life.  I adore you, I really do. 
& forgive me for any moment of
anger, impatience, & other silliness.  It
is very, very, very hard to be a single,
semi-disabled (CFIDS/FMS/Chemspraying)
50 something woman who is trying to 
forge a new road for humanity without
much support.  I ask for your grace,
just as I grace all who were not there
for me during these most challenging

Your love, support and understanding
are more than appreciated always.
I bless you a trillion fold with what you
have gifted me over the last six years
& even more as we move forward
together creating the world we wish
to see & be.  Should you wish to 
exchange the awesome wisdom I have
been gifted through a life of deep
committment to spiritual Being, yes, yes
& more yes!!!  

I love you, and I thank you, always.  I am
so very sorry to have to ask for your support.  
If I had family I would be with them.  & my
close friends & clients did their very best
over the last three plus years to assist.  I can
say without question I am alive because
many loved me as best as they could, & for
me that was more than enough !  I ask little
now so I can recover enough to love 
forward in a mission most sacred - as 
sacred as yours is.  I ask you to feel what
it is to ask for support for yourself as you
assume the deepest truth of your Being
here on Gaia today.  

Thank you forever mis amores,

Ani Kaspar
Ithaca, NY
[phone redacted]

PS: Please see Ani Kaspar FB Notes
for a more detailed account of  was, is
& will be.  Thank you.

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    • $15 
    • 49 mos
  • Mečislav Chorzempa 
    • $50 
    • 51 mos
  • Ramola Dharmaraj 
    • $30 
    • 52 mos
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Ani Kaspar 
Newport, RI
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