Alieu Bah's Daara


Casa Islam, is a mutual aid and benefit association created to finance the Islamic education of Muslim children living in poverty and to provide economic relief to the communities in which they live and learn.  This particular fundraising effort has been launched to pay for the construction a school structure and supporting infrastructure for an existing Islamic school known as,  Alieu Bah's Daara,   located in the Gambia, West Africa.  Over 200  students have been studying at Alieu Bah's Daara for the past  fifteen years!  Alieu Bah's Daara is a school with no walls.  Help us build an inspiring educational facility for Gambian youth to study the book of Allah!

 Our investment strategy is to find one, successful, private, family-founded Quranic school in each community we serve and invest in it for at least five years.   In the Gambia we have chosen the  Farato community because the village elders have a proven track record of prioritizing their children’s Islamic education, even when confronted by innumerable quality of life challenges, AND even when in a pandemic such as Covid19!   The Farato community’s  commitment is further demonstrated by their insistence that the children have  access to and the opportunity to study the Quran daily, free of charge.   

As Muslims,  we are encouraged to spend our wealth in the path of Allah.  Casa Islam seeks your support to provide the students of the Alieu Bah Darusalaam in Farato Gambia with a proper school facility,  a facility  fit with electricity and running water, computers and wifi.   For the past fifteen years the Bah family Quran students have been studying under sticks with slices of sheet metal fastened with fibers on top as roof.    Every year the children are unable to continue their studies through the Gambia’s long rainy season because they do not have a proper facility to shield them from the elements.  Nevertheless,  the community has prioritized Alieu Bah’s Daara and the village elders have been supporting this particular “Daara,” (local Mandinka term for Islamic learning center),  since its founding by Momodou Bah, Alieu's late father!

Pure gifts given during the first ten  days of Dhul-Hijjah have an increased reward with Allah! We therefore, encourage all  to compete in giving charity in these last few days left in Dhul Hijjah 2020!  We encourage all to donate, Muslim and non-Muslim,  and are confident that all will find the reward of their  gifts waiting for them with Allah!   The Gambia is the second poorest nation on the continent of Africa. The average annual salary is in the Gambia is $2000USD.  

Nevertheless, the Gambian people forbid homelessness.  No one sleeps on the streets! There is an average of one homicide annually.   And as Gambians say,  “You may not eat today, but everyone eats eventually.”  There are many problems in the Gambia but lack of human decency is not one of them.  “If you are robbed in the streets of Gambia, it was not by a Gambian,” is another phrase I often heard as a guest visiting for work in 2019.  

Lastly, in  all of West Africa, the local African bus drivers we spoke with stated that there is not a single country that offers the safety and security that one will find in  the Gambia.  We thank you for your consideration and we eagerly anticipate you joining us in support of Alieu Bah's Daara!


Nonprofit giving is important and we encourage everyone to give to their favorite 501c3 nonprofit organizations.  This however,  is not that type of giving.  Nonprofit gifts offer tax benefits.  This giving is not affiliated with a nonprofit. The benefit of this kind of giving and the benefit of giving at this particular time of Dhul-Hijjah,  is that it is specifically designed to cleanse one’s own soul and one's wealth.

La ilaha il' Allah


Casa Islam
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