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Michelle's Cancer Fight

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This is Michelle. 

She is an amazing woman and newly wed. 

She is also battling cancer.

She felt tired,  she felt "not right" (but that's just in your head, crazy lady), out of breath (maybe do more cardio, yeah?), her arm hurt sometimes, her back (but that's normal for her job, right?)... the kinds of things you dismiss or are taught to ignore and power through as you try to create a life for yourself and your family. Until, finally she couldn't and went to the doctor.

Michelle was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer just a few days ago, and while her entire care plan hasn't been put in place yet, we know the financial strain is going to be huge.  
Added to that strain, she and her husband just found out that the home that they live in is going on the market and they'll need to find a new place to live and move in the next 30 days (well, 27 now, but who's counting, oh wait, we all are).

The initial amount requested (2,000) was just to get Michelle and her family through immediate future, and your selfless donation hit that goal in less than 2 hours!!! So we’’re upping the goal to see Michelle and Travis through their move. When we say anything helps we really mean it! Let's take a look at some information and  numbers so you can see how great the financial implications are just through the next 7 weeks of initial treatment:

Loss of income (Michelle's aggressive chemotherapy will preclude her from working her physically demanding job).
and Loss of spousal income (as she progresses through chemotherapy her loving husband Travis will be her helpmate and nurse, and although he will do whatever he can, as a touring musician he is faced with untenable work decisions).
Estimation - 4,000 Dollars - in the negative, a month.

Chemotherapy costs:
First round estimation - 7,000 - 10,000 dollars
Lab tests estimation - 1,800 dollars
Out patient visits - 1,300 dollars
Possible in-patient treatment - 5,000 dollars

Other medical expenses:
Other medications and support drugs - 1,200 dollars

Supportive health expenses:
Vitamins/ supplements - 450 dollars
Healthy food - 800 dollars
Juicer  - 250 dollars

Moving expenses:
moving company (because lets face it, Michelle will not be able to shove things into a car and move herself) - 2,000 to 3, 000 dollars
packing materials etc. - 300 to 500 dollars
First and Last on a new home  (estimate) - 4,000 dollars

And that's just at first glance, I am sure there's more I'm not thinking of than I am.

Michelle is a loving mom, grandmother and wife.  She loves animals and has opened her home to discarded puppies and dogs and given them a wonderful life.  She's a kind, strong  and beautiful soul who would much rather give that receive. She is a fighter.  Let's give her a chance to fight, and to win!

If you've read this far, you either know and love Michelle and Travis or you've connected to her story in some way.  These kinds of requests are immensely difficult to write.  You struggle to find exactly the right words in the hopes that you can convince someone to open their heart and to give, choosing and discarding those words over and over. How do you express on a page how important, how amazing or how loved a person is?   How do you convince someone to sacrifice something, whether it's the time it takes to donate or giving up the fancy latte to do it,  to help out another human being?  I really hope that something I've said here, or more likely something she's done for you, has moved you to the decision to help.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - please don't give if it's not financially feasible for you.  There's so many other things you can do - share this campaign; donate blood; send positive thoughts, energy and prayer her way; be kind to someone; call your mom...

Thank you so much!!


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