Turning Plastic into Biodegradable Carbon

For all those who have supported the initial launch of the campaign, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks.

I will soon remove the information about plastic pollution, as I have been advised by a Start-up Business Advisor to keep things simple to avoid confusing supporters. If you have three components that are connected but are different in nature, telling supporters all three components would only confuse them. I supposed the diagram below is enough to confuse you already. So, to make things easily understandable, the narrative will be changed to reflect on what I am immediately focusing on.

This diagram gives you a rough sketch of the framework I was working on.

I planned to use Plastic as the first steppingstone since plastic waste can be a free source of “petroleum waste” and energy.

However, I would like to temporarily skip the plastic conversion process and jump to growing microorganisms directly. I believe the second step would help people to understand the importance of the development of the entire framework. Then there are carbon source which I could purchase directly rather than going through a tedious process to 'manufacture' this carbon source from plastic.

The plastic pollution process can be a “money sinkhole” for more than 10 years before it can become profitable.  But microbial technology can generate income even as soon as the first year. Microbial Technology would also help us to understand why despite the advancement in Agricultural Science and Modern Medicine, Cancer rates have only gone up and may continue to grow.

The year I left the US in 2013, the estimate was 1 every 3-4 people would have cancer in their lifetime, but now the rate is 1 in every 2-3. Some alluded that to the growing life expectancy, but we need to know that life expectancy is a shady term, it is not the same as lifespan. Then there is also a growing number of young people getting cancers and autoimmune diseases. For more information, please visit my website at


(Note on Life Expectancy a family of 2 children lost one at birth, and the other one grows to 80 years old, the lifespan of the surviving child is 80 years, but the life expectancy is only 40 years old for that family.  )

If you have followed my previous story, or you can scroll down to read. My main focus has always been on human health. Therefore, you did not see me promoting some grandiose “Save the Planet” or Climate change concepts. To me, Plastic Pollution is endangering us directly, creating chronic inflammation as it enters our body. This absolutely must be addressed, but the true solution must start from the medical side.

Plastic disruption to our endocrine system interfering with how our hormones work is without question if only I could solve it immediately. But based on the advice using Agile Business Model and Lean Start-up Strategy from Leapsheep.biz (My Business Startup Advisor group). I must start with something I can have a "supporters or followers" base so I can receive feedback from them to be able to identify the correct direction. 
The best way is to focus on Microbial Tech so that I am directly connected with the End-users instead of hiding in a laboratory turning plastic into biodegradable for the next few years and getting out of touch of from the true potential customers. You may read more about lean start up here:


So, I will soon remove the plastic part to avoid confusing followers. It will be picked up when the Microbial Technology takes off.

Once again, I would like to thank those who have helped. I would also like to tell you that, my mom and I kept a record of those who helped initially, it is deep in my heart to return the favor in the future when I could.  Your kindness is why good technologies have a chance for the society!

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Has the Recycling Industry fully recycled the plastic they received or do they ship them out to third world countries where the plastic waste is mismanaged and ended up in landfills and rivers, and eventually in the ocean? We as responsible citizens have taken the effort to separate our trash, so we expect plastic to be properly recycled and not just shipped out to some third world nations!

Sadly, those big regulations telling you to separate your trash from plastic and those big banners promoting plastic recycling as a green solution are just offering you a false illusion.

But the true question is:  Should we recycle Plastic? Do we really need to recycle plastic?

The Oil & Gas Industry has not slowed down in pumping oil to make Plastic cheaper and more available. Recycling will only overload the entire world with more plastic leading to surplus of plastic which lowers the price therefore limiting any potential profit and incentive for recycling. 

The fact that there is no profit to plastic recycling in the Western World is why they are shipped out to the third world countries and eventually dumped into the ocean.

Perhaps, it is time to consider something different!

What We suggest: Converting Plastic into a usable form of carbon for microorganisms that increase soil carbon.

To do this, we require no less than $5million USD to build a new reactor that can withstand reactions with supercritical water. We are also building a new feedstock-delivery system where most Supercritical Hydrothermal Systems failed.

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