Baby Macey Renee Orndorff's Funeral


Unfortunately our beautiful angel gained her wings August 23rd at 8:00pm. She gave us a magical and most memorable 26 hours of nothing but pure love and joy! She was perfect in every single way and she did everything the doctors said she would never be able to do without medical assistance all on her own. She was a miracle, a blessing and the most beautiful baby girl this world has ever seen. She literally broke all of the rules of her condition and changed the minds of all medical personel involved with her pregnancy and birth. We thank God everyday for those 26 hours when we were told we probably would even make it to the birthing stage or c-section and if we did she most likely would not live but a few hour tops! And she would need a breathing aparatus and feeding tube to sustain her life in order for us to enjoy a few moments with her! She breathed all her own...she ate by herself...she made all the beautiful noises they said she wouldnt....she moved all of her little limbs and was responsive to everything they said she would not be responsive to! We were so blessed to literally spend a little more than 1 day with an angel! We were fortunate to be able to give her a proper burial thanks to help of you all which we are ever so grateful for....we do however want to get her a nice headstone for her plot with an engraved photo of her seeing as how we weren't expecting to even be able to take pictures of her living.....beyond that we desperately need help to cover our living expenses for my fiance,my daughter and myself for the month of september. I will be starting my new career in about 6 weeks and my fiance is torn between returning to his job seeing as how he sees babies and little children on a regular basis and it was already hard for him before our little girl passed and he is worried about breaking down frequently and having to leave work and that costing us money. If we can reach roughly $6500(gofundme will take $650 of that) through this campaign, all of Macey's expenses including the Headstone we desperately want to give our baby,the one she deserves, and a little more than half of our monthly finances will be covered and Matt will just go back to work if he is unsuccessful finding different gainful employment in the next week or 2 or he will just go back if he feels he will be able to handle it. We are already so grateful for everything everyone has done and all of the donations we have all made it possible for us to bury our baby angel properly,respectfully and beautifully and we are forever in your debt! We thank you all for everything and all of your support! You have touched our hearts in a way that is indescribable. Thank you all so so much again!

Love Tracey,Matt,Taylor and Macey!

This is something I wish I never had to do. The words do not exist to explain this but I will try my best. My baby girl Macey had an early diagnosis of a terminal chromosomal condition called Trisomy 13. After getting the heart breaking news, my Fiance and I consulted a specialist who informed us that based on what she saw our baby was Trisomy free. After a few more weeks some things showed up on sonograms that raised some concern so an amneocentesis was ordered and its results were positive for Full Trisomy 13. We were advised to seriously consider terminating the pregnancy and we did give it serious consideration. We choose to continue the pregnancy. My baby girl is still alive inside of me, kicking and squirming around and her little heart is just pumping away. We were holding out for the possibility of a miracle and worst case scenario our little girl would at least have organs far enough along in the developmental process to donate to another child who may need them to save their life. She began to drop off the charts last month...I was originally due in mid September. We scheduled our C-Section for Aug. 29th just to give us a cushion and hopefully guarantee us with a few moments of life with our baby girl. We went to see our specialist this past Tuesday and she has drastically fallen off the charts. Enough so that she believes Aug 29th is too long to wait and prolonging the C-section could now endanger myself. We are going to see my regular OBGYN today, Thursday Aug. 3 and she will be making the final determination on when will be having this C-section to try and ensure we do get our few moments with our precious little girl. My fiance and I are by no means rich. We depend on each other to maintain our household finances as well as take care of my 5 year old daughter Taylor. We do not possess the means to give our baby a proper funeral...even under the circumstances our Grave Marker for our baby is almost $3000.00. We have not yet been to the funeral home to discuss how much costs will be for service and everything else but our rough estimate based on our research has propsed it will be roughly about as much as the marker if not more. I am also in extreme diress due to the fact that I will be out of work for at minimum 4 weeks with no income on my end to help my other half maintain our bills and care for my little girl who is with us right now. My fiance is and obviously will be working as much as he possibly can to make up for the lapse in my employment during this situation and his as well as my primary concern is having the funds to give our baby girl a proper burial. Should we be fortunate enough to even raise our goal....any additional would be a blessing to alleviate some stress from him as he has to deal with this terrible situation just as much as I do.....and it would be nice for us to be able to spend some time together during this tragic event in our life instead of him being gone all day everyday to make sure we can make ends meet. Again, we are only seeking help to cover her funeral costs....That is what is most important to us during this difficult time. All Funds will go directly into an account we have set-up specifically for Macey's Funeral costs. We truthfully are not expecting to reach this goal...but anything...ANYTHING will be a big help for us and will be appreciated in a way you could not possibly fathom. Please,please...if you are able to contribute,even $ will mean more to us than you could ever know and if you cannot contribute it is totally fine! We know better than most that money can be tight and we respect that and would never want anyone to possibly jeapordize themselves or their family to help us, but if you could at least share this with others it would be immensely appreciated! Thank you everyone just for taking time out of your day to read this! God Bless you and your families!

        Tracey,Matt and Taylor.
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