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On December 22 our small community woke up to the news no parent ever wants to hear. A child was missing. Harley Dilly is a 14 years old, still a baby in most peoples eyes. An innocent child, suddenly gone. With every day, every hour, every minute that goes by with no answers it gets harder for Harley’s family, friends and loved ones. We, the staff at Fisherman’s Wharf are reaching out to YOU! Harley andhis family need OUR help! It is our hope that YOU will think of Harley as one of your own, and try to think of what it would mean to YOU to have Harley home safely with his family, where he belongs!! Let’s remind Harley’s family that they are not alone in the search to bring him home! EVERY SINGLE CENT COLLECTED will go to the Port Clinton Police Department to aid in the reward fund for Harley Dilly and it is our hope that with enough love and support from all of YOU that we can reach our goal! 



Glenda McCann
Port Clinton, OH

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