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Bad accident father veryHurt baby girl In the car

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Please help this was a bad accident. The father is very hurt. Thankfully the child is ok. But the father is unable to work. And. Has helped so many. Ppl in the past. He is so selfless his heart is so big. He’s always been there for anyone who needed help. Now. Sadly he could use a little help. Bills are adding up. And income is noting Untill he is done healing. His shatterd leg. Can anyone. Help out. We only need to raise 1000 for past due shelter cost Ans 1000 for this month would be great . I appreciate anyone that could help them. Alot of ppl seeing this he has helped you and I’ve yet to see you return. The favour we all get ups and downs. He’s on a down he is a hard worker and a great father. He will be backup. When he’s healed. So please help out during this time I’m sure it will come back around. When you ever need help even 10$ from eveyone is noting but adds up to help Somone thank you god bless

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Autumn Lee
Dan Wayne

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