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Justin Kirchhoff started Digital Shakedown in January 2008 with one goal in mind: to provide professional commercial and corporate video productions to clients as a medium to succeed in business. Over 7 years later, we've had the pleasure of directing and shooting commercial and corporate spots for Logitech, Verizon Wireless, Sweetwater Living, A+ Federal Credit Union, Grooveshark, LHP Hospital Group, Fuddruckers, Ducati, Doritos, University of Texas School of Education, University of North Texas, among others, as well as work on productions featuring Coors Light and Home Depot.  Some of this work can be seen in Justin's reel above or at the Digital Shakedown website

We initially wanted to provide 4K video services to my clients.  This hasn't changed since Digital Shakedown's inception.  It has expanded to a plethora of different areas, one of those being 4K stock footage.

4K video is taking the world by storm and is finally considered to be the "finishing resolution" for films to be projected, as well as broadcasts to be streamed.  Because of this, dozens of multimedia powerhouses have been opening up their stock footage offerings to the higher (and better) quality 4K video resolutions.

Just a few weeks ago, Shutterstock, one of the leading providers of stock images and footage in the world, had contacted us personally via phone call to ask if Digital Shakedown wanted to be a contributor to their brand new 4K footage offerings.  They had found Digital Shakedown through a "4K stock footage" Google search and noticed we had 4K stock footage listed on the DS website.  Shutterstock approached us!  That's still pretty unbelievable.  We immediately obliged to their proposal and signed the legal mumbo jumbo.  

What does this all mean?  Well, this is a HUGE business opportunity that we don't want to put to the side.  We're proposing taking 3 months off from the usual video work Digital Shakedown produces to travel around the US and shoot 4K stock footage.  This will be non-stop work, driving thousands of miles, shooting gorgeous footage of our beautiful country all while transferring, color correcting and trimming clips to multiple harddrives that will be sent to Shutterstock HQ in NYC.

Because we'll be taking time off from the usual Digital Shakedown video work, traveling and production costs can be...EXPENSIVE.  Gas, food, lodging, harddrives (with multiple backups!), crew, production insurance and gear rentals are just some of the line items that we have listed in the "cost" column.

This is where you come in.  By supporting this 3-month venture, Digital Shakedown will be able to succeed in providing terabytes of 4K stock footage to Shutterstock, thus allowing high quality video options to be licensed for broadcast, movie productions and even smaller corporate productions.

Some good news is we aren't asking for your support to help us buy a camera, or even a computer.  We already own most of the equipment we'd need to get this project off the ground.  What we are asking is that your contribution help us supplement our gear.  We may need different lenses for various focal lengths of shots, we may want to get an aerial view of a landscape.  Heck, we may even want to get some underwater footage too!

So what would you get out of all of this?  Digital Shakedown wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the support we've gained over the last 7 years in business.  Because of you all sharing our past videos, it has produced more business opportunities than we ever thought could happen through word of mouth! We want our work in your home and find the best way to do that is to let it be included in your support of this campaign.


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