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FEDERAL TAX ID #: 33-1163860
NAICS CODE: 512240

First Printed Circuit Board
  • Firmware
  • Hardware

1M to 15M Unit for $1M ea.
  • Limited Edition
  • 24 Karat Gold inside and out

Carriers there are:
  • Apple
  • Android
  • Emerald
  • Google Play

So what I did was tear down a Smart phone device to compared the example too.

Can dual SIM phones have 2 phone numbers?

Dual SIM offers the convenience of having two or more phone numbers on a single device. You can have separate personal and business numbers, or add a second line when travelling internationally. The phone numbers can be on the same account, on different accounts, or from different carriers.

AP Board: refers to the Application board, it is a circuit board that controls the interaction of information within the unit. It provides a self-contained operating environment that delivers all system capabilities needed to support the printer's applications, including memory management, system firmware, graphics processing and multimedia decoding.

AP Board Components: Side A

• 2G WIFI UAT- 2G WIFI Up Antenna
• 5G WIFI UAT- 5G WIFI Up Antenna (6G is Coming)
1. If these are not working, they are abnormal.
• NFC Broken because No Activation are no pay
1. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allows users to make secure transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch. NFC transmissions are short range (from a touch to a few centimeters) and require the devices to be in proximity.
• Wireless charging ICs operate by utilizing the principle of electromagnetic induction to transfer energy wirelessly from a transmitter to a receiver
• EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) is a user-modifiable ROM. It can be erased and reprogrammed (written to) repeatedly by applying an electrical voltage that is higher than normal.
• In computing, megahertz refers to the clock speed of a central processing unit (CPU), which determines how many instructions a processor can execute per second. A one-megahertz clock (1 MHz) means some number of bits (1, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64) can be manipulated at least one million times per second.
• VDD is the working voltage of the chip.
• Display IC: A display driver is a type of semiconductor with an integrated circuit that acts as an interface between microprocessors and LCDs. The device controls display systems in PCs and cell phones.
• Universal serial bus, or USB, is an industry standard that defines the cables, connectors and communication protocols used to connect computers and peripherals. ST's portfolio covers a wide range of products designed for USB data (transceivers) and/or power applications (battery chargers and charger detection systems).
1. Device Firmware Upgrade mechanism, for USB devices.
• The abbreviation for “Ultra High Frequency.” Similar to VHF, UHF pertains to a band or range of radio frequencies defined by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to be used for some television stations and a wide variety of wireless two-way communication systems. UHF picks up where VHF leaves off, having a frequency range range of between 300MHz and 3,000MHz.
1. No Service
1. 2G Power Amplifiers
2. LB: Low Band
3. MB: Middle Band
1. Low Antenna
1. Low Band Power Amplifier
• Loud Spk Amp
1. If Broken
 No Ringer
 Short
 Big Current
• Arc IC (Vibration)
1. No Vibration
• Tigris Charging
1. If Broken No Charging are Fake Charging.
• A14 CPU
1. If Broken no Booting, No Dfu, No Display, No Camera, No audio, Errors
• Audio Codec IC: is a software or hardware component that compresses and decompresses digital audio data. It stands for “coder-decoder” and is responsible for converting analog audio signals to digital formats while also maintaining audio quality. Audio codecs are essential for various applications, such as digital broadcasting, audio streaming, and video conferencing
1. No Mic, No Speaker, No ringer, Short
• Speaker Amp
1. If Broken No Speaker
1. Broken because no face Id
• Camera Power
1. No Camera, No Photo
• UHF PAD: Outer High Frequency Power Amplifier
1. No Service, Searching

BB: Basement Board

BB Board Components: Side A
• Millimeter Wave Antenna Connector
o 5G
• Millimeter Module
• Gyro
o No Gravity
o No Compass
• Strobe IC
o No Flash LGT
• PA Power IC
o No Service
o No Searching
• Millimeter RF Transceiver
o Broken will cause No 5G
• BB PMU (Basement Power Management Unit)
o No Firmware
o No Service
o Errors
• MHF PAD (Medium High Band Frequency Power Amplifier)
o No Service
• SIM Connector
o No Sim
o Some Reading Problems
• Lower Antenna Interface Connector
o No Service
o Weak Signal
• Lower Antenna Filter
o No Service
o Weak Signal
• MB/UHB/UAT DSM (Medium Band/Ultra High Band/Up Antenna/ Digital Switch Model)
• PA Power
o No Service
o Big Current
• RF IC (Receiver/Transmitter)
o No Service
• Auxiliary Power IC
• BB CPU (Basement)
o No Firmware
o Errors
o Restarting
o No Service
o No Bluetooth
• HB/LB PAD (High Band/Low Band Power Amplifier)
o No Service
• MB/UHB/UAT DSM (Medium Band/Ultra High Band/Up Antenna/ Digital Switch Model)
• LB DSM (Low Band Digital Switch Model)
• UAT Coupler (Up Antenna)
o No Service

BB Board Component Side B
• N/A


Top of the Day,
  • Every C-Suite needed get 1%.
  • $10,000,000.00 for 1% Preferred (Corporations)

Board of Directors: Marcellus J.W. Perkins 12/21/1981
Chief Executive Officer: Marcelle J. Perkins 11/23/2005

$3 Trillion Value (Plus) Compared to Apple iPhone
The prosper wrap the dual screen phone business logistics around his philosophy of business
management. Business is a registration for the main entities’ validity for the local county, city,
state, and federal.

Different filing is very important for organizational ligation and branding; therefore, the prosper manages the administration through an Oracle MySQL database. The database is a program that give users access to different levels of privileges that the
administration is assigned too.

The Prosper assigns chief suites the access to the database management system, DBMS, that
control the different tiers of employees that are in a Rational Database Management System, RDBMS. The RDBMS stores all the key component that are used to product manage, product
design, product research, assemble and manufacture the device.
The prosper needs all the chief suite officers who has experience in project management to delegate the level of sophistication for all the employment needs:
  • Chief Executive Officer, CEO $100,090: Project Manager, Federal Communication Commission,
  • Chief Operation Officer, COO $100,090: Overseer the entire Project for completion.
  • Chief Information Officer, CIO $164,070: Software and hardware computer engineering technology architect experience will be needed to lead this level of technology. The Prosper also know that the device will need legal representation to ensure that organization is following all the local, city, state, and federal guideline pertaining to the employment the device. (Chief Information Officer Council).
  • Chief Financial Officer, CFO $139,790: Financial Statement (P/L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet)
  • Chief Legal Officer, CLO $100,090: Code of Federal Regulation, Local, County, City, State Statues., copyrights, patents, and trademarks, and Chief Marketing Officer, CMO $100,090: Quantitative and Qualitative Research.

Prosper knows every chief suits are knowledgeable of all the employment needed for their staff input on this project, including and not limited from c-suits to custodian workers as a
chain of commands. All full-time employees are eligible benefit fringe for the fiscal year.

Intellectual Merit
  • Boarding University of Missouri Kansas City Computing and Engineering College.

Broader Impacts
2 in 1 Dual Cellular device (Separate Lines): Business Line/Personal Line, Family Line/Friend
Line, Employer Line/Employee Line, Boyfriend Line/Girlfriend Line, Nationwide Federal
Communication Commission (Advancing Wireless Communication), Ballistic Interface Glass,
Logic board controlling two sides. Embedded Magnetic Ear Port and Power Port, Kansas City,
Mo Metropolitan Area (First Star), 6G

  • a. Cellar Device Price $2,000.00
  • b. iPhone Sold 93 Million- 2012

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Give $20 and be a founding donor

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