Seethal’s Survival and Surgery Fund

The short of it:
My name is Seethal. I’m a 25 year old Black Tamil Intersex person who is raising funds to cover cost of surgery & survival post loss of my job because of COVID.

The funds raised will be used to cover:
glasses & contacts. 
2x weekly therapy sessions
surgery, surgery supply & recovery costs. 

The long-short of it:
During my teens, I was told I had a “hormonal abnormality” and a “hormonal imbalance.” It wasn’t until March if 2019 that a doctor told me I’m intersex. It was brought to light by an attempt to medically transition that ended shortly due to complications. Since I was a teenager, body dysphoria and dysmorphia has played a large role in my life. I didn’t have a “typical” puberty experience. I started to develop “atypical secondary sex characteristics” around age 13. I realized my genitalia was developing in a way that was different from anyone or anything I’ve seen. I’ve debated and researched surgery since as young as 16 and only at age 24 did I decide to go forward with it. Life is too short to not pursue what makes you feel happy and comfortable in your body.

Since losing my job in September of 2020, I’ve had to sit with the reality of the past year of my life. In the Spring of 2019, through the help of some dear friends and housemates, I left a sexually and emotionally abusive relationship with an ex who I lived with.

About two weeks after she had moved out, I found out my father was tortured and murdered in my home country. I left New York presuming I wouldn’t return until I got some answers regarding his death. While home, I was severely mistreated by my family. I returned abruptly in the Summer of 2019 due to my mother needing care for her knee surgery from a sudden injury.

In the fall of 2019, I moved back to New York with two acquaintances. We ended up living above a racist, transphobic white man who consistently yelled slurs up at us from the basement and as we left or returned to our apartment. constantly. If you did so much as drop as fork, this man would scream. Something just about anyone who has spent time at our apartment can attest to.

Around that time, I got a job at a mental health office that was AND IS extremely racist. Myself and several other black employees had complained numerous times to our bosses about the way we were being treated. No action was taken. I was fired from this job in September of 2020 as part of company cuts made due to COVID.

Being let go from this job has completely destabilized my finances. It has made me realize that I have not stopped in the past two years. I have not had the time to sit and deal with the loss of my father, process the lack of answers surrounding his death. To deal with the fear and loss of control of living with an abusive partner. These funds are going to go towards helping me cover my basic needs and hopefully help me build a life beyond simple survival.

I want to thank and extend my deepest appreciation to each and every one of you for reading this, sharing it, and donating.
I also want to thank my friends and loved ones for encouraging me to do this. I am blessed to love and be loved by all of you.

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Seethal Britto
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