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Help Tracy Get Back On His Feet

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In '92 I had chemo for cancer. I mention this because the drugs saved me then but did permanent damage that began to show when I turned 50. I don't heal very well and connective tissue doesn't repair at all.
In 2012, after years of pain I had to back surgery. Nerves had calcified to my spine and had to be chiseled out. I still have no feelin in some of my toes.)Then, blinding headaches led to the discovery of a benign but large brain tumor. It was removed but I suffer from aphasia.  During recovery my appendix ruptured. Scarring adhesions forced the surgeon to open me up from my pelvis to my sternum and remove my right colon and a chunk of my liver which had attached to the appendix. A few days later my gall bladder died and had to be drained until it could be removed six weeks later (It was too soon after the appendectomy.) Again, adhesions prevented removal from happening. They couldn't even find the gall bladder and while digging around in my gut, they lacerated my liver causing massive bleeding and, later, chronic pain. They also managed to tear my rotator cuff my moving my unconscious 250 lb body. I eventually had surgery on it because the tendons front and back had torn and retracted. However, the damage was irreparable due to damage from chemo.  All told, I had five major surgeries, four of them within a five month period. I haven't had a full-time job since 2013. I keep expecting "the next good thing" to happen but remain disappointed. I racked up over $300,000 in bills. Insurance paid some, but our out-of-pocket expenses overwhelmed us with just Talitha's income. We are trying to sell our house but have fallen behind in the mortgage payments. We need help!
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Tracy Pigford
Johnson City, TN

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