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Change the world, one onesie at a time.

The Intro:
Hi, I'm Clarke McCarthy, owner and operator of 2 Great Kids,
a buy/sell/trade store that's been in business in South Orange since 2004.

As part of our mission to support the community, we offered clothing not accepted for full price resale once a month at 25 cents per piece.

Every month, on 25 cent sale day, a line of women would be waiting outside the shop. As soon as I opened the doors, they would head directly for the shoes, and empty the entire bucket of shoes into their bags. They weren't even looking at the shoes, not for size or season or quality. What could they be doing with them, I wondered? It was the same women, every month. They spoke little or no English.

I finally decided to ask a customer what she thought they were doing. She said, "Don't you know? They're sending them back to Haiti to sell."

This story and these ladies are the inspiration for our new mission. Clothing, shoes, books, toys....all of the items that are just a little too worn for resale here...are perfectly fine for these ladies to sell at home. We applaud, and want to support, their enterprising spirit.

This year, 2 Great Kids will add a not-for-profit component to our business model. Worldwide Mom, our charity, will take the clothing donated to us but not accepted for resale and use it to stock an economic empowerment program for women.

Quality used clothing and a microloan will be available to women who wish to help themselves, their families, and their communities through entrepreneurship.

We no longer have our 25 cent sale, but we very much want to see our gently used items find a home, and if we can do that while also helping enterprising women, both here and abroad -- well, so much the better.

This is where you come in.

We are trying to raise three months worth of operating expenses for 2GK, plus the legal and accounting fees associated with forming a non-profit.

Would you help us?

Please take a look at the special rewards we offer for your donation and contribute as generously as you can. Everyone who helps is an angel -- what angelic level are you?

If you live in our area, donate and come to the shop for your reward. If you live outside our area, please consider donating your reward to a local family or school charity account.

If you have any questions about our shop or our mission, please give us a call: 973.762.4343

Help 2 Great Kids launch Worldwide Mom:
Great kids get great clothes, and great moms make great money! Join us. Change the world. One onesie at a time.



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Clarke McCarthy 
South Orange, NJ