Football Fundraising Ideas

Football is much more than kicking a ball about. It has the power to bring people together for a common cause, be it winning a big match or fundraising for a club or charity.

Football is a way of life for many fans, who are usually willing to support their team both on and off the pitch.

Whether your local FC needs money to keep running, to help an injured fan or to buy a mascot or giant flag, there are lots of fun football fundraising ideas that work.

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Football club fundraising ideas

1. Play a novelty football match

There are so many sponsored events doing the rounds that it’s a case of the quirkier the better to make yours stand out! Engage the community by getting imaginative with a themed football match – Star Wars or Harry Potter, perhaps?

If fancy dress isn’t your club’s thing, there are other football club fundraising ideas. Consider a three-legged game or a non-stop, 24-hour match involving fans as well as players, all of whom can rally sponsors. Call up your local newspaper in the hope of coverage that should lead to more fundraising support – and maybe a new member or two.

2. Bag a commercial sponsor

Sponsorship deals can be lucrative but tricky to find – they’re among one of the most popular fundraising ideas for football teams. The best bet is to target local businesses and emphasise how much you can offer them in return for their cash. Options include printing their logo onto football kit, erecting advertising boards around the pitch, promoting them on social media and sharing your facilities should they want to put on an event.

Don’t know where to start? Consider asking members to spread the word among their friends and families, in case anyone has a business connection who could help.

3. Host a football-themed quiz

Every football fan loves showing off how much they know, or think they know, about the beautiful game.

Host a weekly quiz in the clubhouse if you have one, or partner up with a local pub if not. Post-training or match socialising often goes down well, but survey club members to find out what day and time suits them best if you want maximum attendance for maximum fundraising potential. This is one the whole family can get involved in if you’re looking for youth football fundraising ideas.

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4. Set up a hot beverage stand on match days

It can get chilly on the touchline while watching your team play, meaning hot tea, coffee and food are sure to go down a treat. Run a survey over email to gauge what people would be most likely to buy, be it bacon baps, pies or hot chocolate, so you can cater accordingly for maximum profit. If you’re after more fundraising ideas for youth football, be sure to stock up on plenty of sweets!


5. Sell club merchandise

Football fans love brandishing their team’s colours, so consider selling hats, socks, scarves and other merchandise to club members on match days, through the website and during other fundraising events.

Merch is usually affordable to produce in bulk and is a great way to ramp up community spirit while also generating profit.

6. Hire out your facilities

If your club is big enough to have good facilities or equipment, hire them out when not in use to local five-a-side leagues, other sports clubs and businesses either as one-offs or in exchange for sponsorships.

7.  Think outside the box

Why not try a traditional fundraising method with a footballing twist? For example, try a bake sale but all the sweets have to be football themed. Or a danceathon where all the songs played have to reference football.

8.  Start a GoFundMe

Fans have raised hundreds of thousands to support their local teams on GoFundMe. Whether it’s funding new goalposts and kits, funding women’s teams, helping injured players or funding something completely different, GoFundMe is here to help.

Remember, it doesn’t just have to be for the team. Pompey fans rallied around a disabled fan whose wheelchair went missing at a match, raising over £1,500 on GoFundMe, while 1,600 Newcastle United fans smashed their £15,000 target for the biggest flag in British football.  Every year Sunderland fans raise thousands for foodbanks over Christmas. 

Fundraising ideas for youth football

1. Pit the kids against the parents

They might not admit to it, but many a parent has longed for the chance to show their child who’s boss on the pitch. Give them the chance with a kids versus parents football match and charge each player a small fee to enter. Of all the high school football fundraising ideas out there, this one always proves popular.

2. Send the players bag packing

Call around your local supermarkets and ask if the youth team can pack bags for customers in exchange for bucket donations. Few people will be able to resist sparing some loose change, so long as the kids are willing to do a good enough job and greet them with a smile. Have them dress in their football kit to make it clear that they’re fundraising for the club.

3. Get busy car washing

Seek permission to use a big local car park (again, supermarket car parks are a great bet, as is the car park by the training ground) and get young players and their friends offering car washes in exchange for donations. Top tip: encourage them to change the water regularly! Dog walking, lawn mowing and babysitting are other kids football fundraising ideas you could consider, particularly during school holidays when many adults are out working.


4. Organise a summer funday

Summer is a great time to hold a funday – it’s outside the traditional football season when the kids are missing the sport and the sun will hopefully be shining. Run a small team tournament and encourage other local clubs to take part. This can be a good way to bring in some sponsors too, from ice-cream vans to local food shops.

Fundraise for football today

Sometimes you need to fundraise in as fast and faff-free a way as possible.

That’s where GoFundMe comes in. It couldn’t be easier to set up a GoFundMe, share the link on your football club’s website and social media platforms, and start racking up donations from supportive fans.

Our experts are on hand to offer 24-hour help and advice and you can use our mobile app to check in on your fundraising progress on the way to and from football games. And we’ve got more inspiration if you need any fundraising ideas. Set your goal, and score!

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