5 Ideas for Online Fundraising

From quiz nights to bike rides, there’s plenty of ways you can raise money online for your campaign.

After setting up, you’ll be eager to get going and we have plenty of online fundraising ideas to get you started.

Below we have gathered some of our tips on how you can get to grips with raising funds online.

1. Virtual run or walk

An easy and fun way to raise money online for your campaign is through active events, like running and walking. 

Organised events with other fundraisers can be attended virtually and are a great way to give your campaign some more visibility. 

Online competitions such as the virtual TCS London Marathon offer a great opportunity for you to fundraise in a group environment. 

The New York Road Runners also regularly hosts virtual events – with people from around the world joining in with the chance of winning a finisher’s medal. 

Fitness apps, like Strava, also offer the flexibility to compete in local events, competitions or simply the chance to interact with other runners and walkers. 

As well as giving you the opportunity to raise money online, these are perfect for people with a busy schedule as you can compete on any day within a given window of time. 

2. Online quiz night

No longer just found in pubs, quiz nights can be set up easily from home. 

Virtual quizzes are a great and quick way to gather a bunch of people in the same space to share the fun of competing – as well as raise awareness about your campaign. 

You can spread the word among family and friends and also utilise your social media to get a group of people involved. 

A quiz can be simply set up through sites like Zoom, or Facebook Messenger, with one elected quiz master. 

Questions can range from all different topics and can include a picture round, but for the best results it’s better to avoid questions that can be answered with a quick online search. 

3. Virtual movie night

Through streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and Twitch, you can now host a ‘Watch Party’ and view your favourite films together, remotely. 

By hosting a virtual movie night, or Watch Party, you could gather a group of people and sell film ‘tickets’ for the event with the proceeds going to charity. 

You could host an ‘80s-themed movie night, view the latest blockbuster or even host a movie-marathon, inviting donations for a certain target reached in the watchathon. 

4. Online gaming marathon

There’s now also the chance to share your fundraiser on gaming platforms. 

Through platforms such as Twitch, you can share a link to your fundraiser while interacting with a whole community of gamers and new people. 

A good chance to share your campaign could be through an online gaming marathon, or a pre-planned live stream that you’ve organised. 

The marathon could last eight, 12, or even 24 hours and is a great opportunity for you to get your campaign out there. 

You can also set up a Discord server, where you post regular updates about your campaign and engage with your supporters. 

5. Virtual bike ride or rowing challenge

If you’re not a runner, walker or gamer you could get people excited about your campaign by hosting a virtual bike ride or rowing challenge. 

By using stationary bikes or rowing machines, you could attempt to complete a certain distance in a certain time; for example a rowing marathon. 

Like other group events, this is a great chance to get your friends and family involved. Or you could even set up a virtual team with other people who are keen to take part.

This could allow you to set up bigger targets and fundraise together. 

How to promote your online fundraiser

One of the best and quickest ways to promote your fundraiser is simply by sharing it on social media. 

With the potential to reach scores of followers, sharing a link on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile is a great way of getting the word out. 

A great way to do this is to share some details about why you’re fundraising, explaining to your followers more about your campaign. 

Doing this, sharing a link to the campaign and encouraging others to share your post among your followers could see awareness of your campaign rise sharply. 

It’s also a great chance to personally thank those who have donated and to post real-time updates about how your campaigning is going. 

More of our tips about how best to do this can be found here. 

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Now you have your ideas about how best to raise funds online, you can get started in creating your fundraiser today.