Three charity fundraising ideas for gamers

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If you’re a gamer, it’s easier than ever to raise money for charity. 

You can raise money while having fun and put your hobby toward good causes. 

Through GoFundMe, you can raise money for big charities or for more personal causes closer to home.  These charities can be big or small. 

By utilising gaming and something you’re already interested in, you can access a network of people and potential donors who share the same ideals as you. 

Take a look at our top three charity fundraising ideas to get people donating. 

1. Run a 24-hour charity stream

Fundraising while you’re gaming can be a great way to have fun and help to raise valuable funds for great causes. 

A fun and engaging way of doing this is through a 24-hour-long charity stream. 

After checking that your audio and visual components are up to scratch, you can set up a live stream while you’re gaming and raise money. 

This is a great chance to articulate exactly why you’re fundraising and engage directly with your followers. 

You can provide live updates about how your charity fundraiser is going and how you’re finding the experience. 

If donations come in, it’s also a great opportunity for you to thank those who are contributing. 

2. Raise money through in-game events

There’s also the opportunity to raise money through in-game charity fundraising events. 

If you want to raise funds in a group setting, or are nervous about doing it alone, this could be the perfect way of taking part. 

An example of this going well is Call of Duty’s 100km charity run

Raising funds for veterans, it was the first video game charity race. For every 10km run in-game, donations were made. 

The rules were simple: run on foot inside Call of Duty: Warzone throughout the Call of Duty Veteruns event.

The aim of the charity event was to support veterans back into the workforce. 

3. Play in a charity gaming event (or organise your own)

Another inclusive way you can raise funds for charity is through organised charity gaming events. 

There’s many in the UK that you can take part in and it’s a great opportunity for gamers from all backgrounds to get together and do some good. 

There’s a whole host of charity gaming events you can take part in – with some taking place annually. 

Some of them include: 

  • Extra Life is a 24-hour gaming marathon. Anyone can join in and funds are donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. 
  • Awesome Games Done Quick is a week-long winter event, where the world’s best speedrunners play games non-stop
  • Summer Games Done Quick  is the summer version of this 
  • Mario Marathon  is run by fans who play Mario games non-stop.

If none of these appeal to you, you can also set up your own event with friends, family or the wider community to raise funds through GoFundMe. 

Start your gaming fundraiser

Now’s your chance to get started and combine fundraising with gaming. 

Connect with a new community and raise funds for a cause that’s important to you while having fun.

Written by dina