How to set up a gaming fundraiser on Twitch

Gaming funraiser
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Getting started on a live stream couldn’t be easier, and fundraisers need only a few tools to get started. 

Those interested in setting up a gaming fundraiser don’t need to invest in expensive equipment to begin. With the right selection of tools, such as a camera, streaming software and a microphone, anyone can get their stream live. 

Twitch advise the best bits of equipment to get started for a charity stream are; a good internet connection, streaming software, a machine to run content and audio and visual tools.  

Set up your fundraiser

Setting up your GoFundMe fundraiser ahead of creating your Twitch account gives you the chance to help causes important to you. 

Start off by picking a cause you would like to raise money for and set up your account. You can then explain why it is you’re passionate about raising funds. 

By choosing an eye-catching image and title for your campaign, you can help to explain what it is you’re raising cash for. After setting a fundraising goal, your followers will be able to see what target you have in mind as you tell your story. 

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be all set to start receiving donations and include it on your livestream. 

2. Create your Twitch account

New streamers can register an account on Twitch and start to interact with broadcasters and the community via chat. 

You can also broadcast to the Twitch community by your own channel and gain followers. 

To register,  go to and select the Sign up button on the top-right portion of the page. You’ll then be asked to fill in a form, create a username and a password to get going. 

Once filled in, you’ll be asked to confirm your identity and you can start customising your channel ready for viewers. 

3. Spread the word about your fundraising stream

Now you’re ready to go live, there’s a number of ways you can promote your fundraiser on your stream.

In preparation for launching your stream you want to title, and tag your stream so that viewers on the Twitch community are able to find you. 

You can also let your followers on other platforms know you’re about to go live ahead of your stream. By including all the important details such as when your stream is scheduled to start, what charity you’re raising money for and how to watch the stream you’ll be able to get the word out clearly. 

In terms of promoting your fundraiser, you can also tell people why you’re passionate about the cause you’re raising funds for and also provide directions about how to donate. 

GoFundMe also has a list of helpful tips on how best to direct people to your fundraising page. 

4. Set your stream up

There’s a lot to consider when first starting up your stream, but there are tips to make it feel a little less overwhelming. 

Making sure you have a decent camera and microphone is important for your viewers, but you don’t need to break the bank in order to provide high quality. 

Streamers also need access to software. Twitch Studio, a free streaming app, is a great place to start for beginners and is a good way of easing yourself in. 

It’s also important to consider how you want your stream to look, and if you want to include yourself in the stream. 

Setting up a good angle on your camera so that the stream is visible with good light is also key. 

Once you have all these components locked down, it’s also important to consider if your computer has the right hardware. It’s essential that you’re able to run a basic game, webcam/audio software, and your broadcasting software.

5. Go live

Now you’re ready to go live with everything set up, it’s good to run a test before the big event to check everything is working as intended. This means double checking your audio and visual components are up to scratch. 

During the stream it’s great to interact with your viewers and, where possible, try to provide updates about your gaming fundraiser and experience.

Live streaming your gaming fundraiser on Twitch gives you an opportunity to help good causes while doing something you enjoy. Read our guide to get started.

If donations come in, it’s also a great opportunity for you to thank those who are contributing. 

And most importantly – have fun. 

Start your gaming fundraiser on GoFundMe today

Now’s your chance to get started and combine fundraising with gaming. 

Connect with a new community and raise funds for a cause that’s important to you while having fun. 

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