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Shelter is the housing and homelessness charity in Britain, providing advice to tenants with renting problems, offering support against homelessness and running campaigns to get things changed to make things better. You can donate to Shelter homeless charity in a number of ways – or why not start your own GoFundMe to fundraise for them?

About the charity

Shelter homeless charity was founded back in 1966 in Notting Hill, London. They believe that ‘home is a human right’ and they exist to defend the right to a safe home. Shelter offers support to those who need it in a number of ways – legal advice is available from solicitors, there’s a phone line for anyone struggling with housing issues or homelessness and online advisors are available over webchat.

Shelter homeless charity projects

Shelter does a range of work along with supporting those who need it with housing advice. They also campaign for housing justice to try and change the system for those who need it the most. 

Support services for housing issues and homelessness

Shelter provides support services for those dealing with housing issues and homelessness. They provide local, one-to-one help and also provide expert advice online and over the phone. The charity’s free emergency helpline is open every day of the year to help those in urgent need of a safe place to stay.

Campaigning for housing justice

Currently, Shelter are campaigning for a number of issues surrounding renting and housing justice. They are fighting for solutions out of homelessness, better rights for renters and to build more social homes. They do work embedded with communities to understand the most pertinent problems to address, and carry out research to understand housing problems and what policies could best solve them.

Campaign Successes

Shelter have had a number of successes with their previous campaigns. They changed the law on revenge evictions, where tenants end up being thrown out of rented accommodation after complaining about a problem the landlord is obligated to change. They also banned unfair letting agent fees and are working to end income discrimination in the rental sector.

How the charity uses donations

According to their impact report, in 2021/22

  • 15,478 households came through their local hubs in England for support
  • There were 5.1 million visits to Shelter’s online advice and service pages in England
  • Legal services worked with 3,104 houses
  • Their professional services responded to 15,012 queries

How to donate to Shelter

You can make a donation to Shelter in a number of ways. It’s easy to donate online once or on a monthly basis, leave a gift in your will or make a purchase through their online store. You can also donate items to their charity shops. Or, why not start fundraising for Shelter by starting a GoFundMe?
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