How to donate to charity online

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Giving a charitable donation is an easy way to contribute to a cause close to your heart – and there are plenty of ways to do it. Along with donating to fundraising events in person, or dropping off physical donations like clothes or books to a high street charity shop, you can also easily donate online too. Since we all became far more internet-based during the Covid-19 pandemic, the popularity of online donations has rocketed, increasing by 115% in volume according to 

And, a GoFundMe is an easy way to contribute to a cause close to you – so why not start a GoFundMe today or take a look at how to start fundraising for a charity?

If you’d like to donate to a good cause online, there are a variety of simple ways to do it that many charities facilitate. 

Make a single or recurring donation

Making a monetary donation online is an easy way to directly give to a cause you want to donate to. Most charities will offer the option of donating as a one-off through their website, or setting up a recurring donation that comes out monthly. 

Donate clothes and other personal items

Maybe you’re in desperate need of a clear out but think there’s still some life in your preloved clothes, books, furniture? Well, plenty of charities have options to organise pick-ups of these items online or postage labels you can print off, package up and send. Have a look at our blog on charities which accept clothing donations for more information on places that will accept your pre-loved treasures and how you can get them there.

Donate through GoFundMe

It couldn’t be easier to donate on GoFundMe to a plethora of different charities, too. Individuals can raise money on their own GoFundMe page which will directly go to charity – maybe they are running a marathon, doing a fitness challenge or even running a tea or coffee morning and you might want to donate.

How to make a charitable donation online

Now you’ve decided that you’d like to make a charitable donation, there’s a couple of things to think about before you press go. 

1. Choose a charity or cause to donate to

There are hundreds of worthy causes that would appreciate your donation. Many people donating choose something that has personal significance to them. If you’d like some inspiration on causes across the country and what they do, read GoFundMe’s list of the 25 best charities to donate to. You could also search the charity register. 

2. Decide how much and how often to donate

Every donation helps and it’s important to remember not to overstretch your own finances when giving a donation. Some people prefer to donate money in a one-off payment, whereas others prefer a recurring monthly donation. And if you’re having a clear out, moving house or maybe just feel like you need a refresh as the seasons change, donations of items like clothing or furniture are also appreciated. Every donation helps!

3. Donate through your chosen platform

Now for the final step – making the donation. It’s incredibly easy to donate from your own home online, but make sure you’re only doing it through platforms that you trust and are reputable. You can make charitable donations through GoFundMe and if you’re inspired by that, you can start your own charity fundraiser on our platform too.

Written by dina