How to Get Help for Flood Victims in the UK

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The impact of the UK floods are devastating and many are still struggling to piece their lives back together. In some the areas affected, communities have come together to help people in need.

Many people have been moved to provide aid for the flood victims in the UK. Crowdfunding is a great way to lessen the financial impact of the floods, as well as providing help for flood victims in the UK. There are also charities for flood victims and government aid on offer for flood victims, which this article details below.

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Government assistance programs

On November 19 2019, the government announced that they would be providing grants to homes and businesses affected by the floods. People who faced severe water damage are able to claim up to £5,000 to help protect them from future flooding. The grants are available through local authorities and can be used to make homes and businesses more water resistant.

The government has also offered to reimburse flood victims in the UK. The Bellwin Scheme allows local authorities dealing with the flooding to apply to have 100 per cent of their eligible costs, above a threshold, reimbursed by the government.

From November 15 onwards the government also offered council tax and business rate relief for those affected by the UK floods.

Charities that help flood victims

A number of charities offer support to victims of flooding. The British Red Cross sprung into action this year when floods swept across the north of England. The charity donated £50,000 from its disaster fund to help those affected. The money was distributed by local organisations based on need. The charity is still offering support to victims who are trying to get back on their feet.

The National Flood Forum is a UK based charity which offers support to people who are victims of flooding. Not only do they offer their services to victims, they also support communities who might be at risk of flooding. The charity also works with local authorities and the government to bring in measures to help protect those affected by floods.

Fundraising for flood victims

If you want to help flood victims in the UK there are a number of things you can do.

1. Hold a fundraising event

Invite friends and family to come to a social event in aid of the flood victims. Ask your guests to donate to the cause in return for a ticket to your event. It is an opportunity to come together with your nearest and dearest and it’s for a good cause.

2. Take on a sponsored challenge

If you happen to be taking on a marathon or are thinking about jumping out of a plane to raise money for a cause close to your heart, why not raise funds for victims of the floods?

3. Start a crowdfunder

Crowdfunding is all about community coming together to support one another. It gives you the opportunity to help someone you may know who has been affected by the floods.

Having your home or business destroyed by a natural disaster can make you feel helpless, take back control by starting a crowdfunder to help you get back on your feet.

Crowdfunding enables you to tell your story and lets people know why you need their help. GoFundMe offers a quick and easy way to raise funds.

Reread is a social enterprise based in Doncaster which provides books to children for free. Unfortunately, the charity was heavily impacted by the floods and many of the books were destroyed. The owners were devastated and turned to GoFundMe for help. Fortunately for them, their story touched the hearts of many people across the country and they raised over £15,000 in donations.

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