Guide to the London Landmarks Half Marathon

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The London Landmarks Half Marathon is exactly that – a brilliant scenic 13.1 miles encompassing some of London’s most sought after sights. So if you’re a newbie or an experienced runner and want to have both a fulfilling run AND a great day out in the capital, this could be the perfect one for you. It takes place in April 2025 and registration is open now.

When is the London Landmarks Half Marathon 2025

The London Landmarks Half Marathon takes place on April 6, 2025, and pre-registration is open now so you can sign up to get your spot. 

There are eight different waves of start times at this race, ranging from 9.20 for the ‘lightning’ speed all the way to 11.36 for the ‘royal’ speed. The first four waves are staggered every 12 minutes until 9.56 and the last four are from 11 until 11.36.

How to enter the London Landmarks half marathon

There are several ways that you can enter the London Landmarks half marathon. Firstly, if you’ve got a cause that you’re passionate about, you can try to get a charity entry through a charity giving them. This usually means that entry is free, but you may have to raise a certain amount. You can also enter the half through a ballot place, meaning you register for a spot and then it goes to a ballot. The date for the 2024 race has passed but you can register here for the 2025 run.

The route

The route for this particular race is what makes it special – it encompasses some of London’s most iconic sights. Starting at Pall Mall, you pass Nelson’s Column before heading along the Thames to Somerset House. The route takes you into the City, past St Paul’s and the Royal Courts of Justice. You’ll spot the Gherkin and Cheese Grater on the route, along with the Shard on the other side of the river. You pass onto the South Bank briefly before the finish, past the London Eye before finishing at Downing St, a stone’s throw away from St James’s Park. But there’s also lesser-known quirky parts of the route, including the oldest shop in London, St Mary-le-Bow church and Britain’s smallest police station. You can take a look at the route in more detail here.

How to fundraise for the London Landmarks Half Marathon

So, you’ve decided to get running for the London Landmarks Half Marathon. Why not raise some money for a cause close to your heart whilst you’re at it? Lace up your trainers and get fundraising. 

Secure your entry

The first thing you need to do is to secure your entry. As mentioned earlier, this can be done through a ballot or through a charity place. You can now register for entry for 2025 to be put to ballot – the 2024 date has now passed. Or if you do want to do it for a specific charity, be prepared: now is the time to enquire about spots. 

Create your fundraiser

The second thing you need to do is create a fundraiser on GoFundMe. It couldn’t be easier to get started. Have a think about the registered charity you’d like to raise for if that’s what you want to do – you can easily create a charity fundraiser on site. You can also fundraise for any personal cause close to your heart. Think about your fundraiser story and tell donors why you’re running, including any relevant pictures and video. Start the fundraiser and watch donations roll in! 

Spread the word

When you’ve started your page, it’s important that you spread the word far and wide so people know that you’re raising money. The easiest way to do this is social media and you can look at our handy tips on how to start sharing here. You can also circulate emails amongst family, friends and colleagues. Why not print off QR codes and put them on office or community notice boards too? 

Update your donors

Once your fund is launched and people know what you’re up to, it’s important to keep posting updates about where you are with your training. Get some pictures and video of you out on runs, let people know where you’re at and remember to thank your kind donors, too. When it’s finished it’s a nice idea to update your page with your time – and even maybe a picture of you with your medal! You can increase your fundraiser goal if you meet it, too.

Get inspired by these London Landmarks fundraisers

Plenty of people use GoFundMe to fundraise for doing the London Landmarks Half Marathon. Have a look at:

London Landmarks Half Marathon 

Lexie, Megan and Lauren decided to fundraise by running the London Landmarks Half Marathon for SANDS. They aimed to raise £900 – but smashed their target and raised more than £2k. 

London Landmarks Half Marathon 2024

Sophie started her GoFundMe for Leukaemia Care when she was doing the London Landmarks Half Marathon 2024. She managed to raise an incredible £1,735 through her efforts. 

Fundraising for the great Legacy of War foundation 

Louis wanted to raise money for the Legacy of War foundation when he was running this race as his uncle started the charity after seeing first hand the impact of war. The organisation aims to support war-affected regions. 

Start your London Landmarks half marathon fundraiser

If you’ve decided to run the London Landmarks race and fundraise, it couldn’t be easier to start a GoFundMe today and get fundraising for that good cause. The hard bit is the training which requires time and commitment so good luck pounding those pavements. You can have a read here on how to progress from a 10k to a half marathon.

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