How to Help Ukraine Refugees in UK

Millions of refugees have now left their homes as conflict continues in Ukraine. Many people in Britain are wondering how to help Ukraine refugees in UK.

Following an announcement by the British Government, Ukrainian refugees were given the green light to seek refuge in the UK and stay with Brits offering up their home. 

Read on to find out how you can help.

All you need to know about Ukrainian refugees arriving to the UK

On Monday, March 14th, the British Government announced Ukrainian refugees could travel to the UK to stay with British people offering accommodation. 

The Homes for Ukraine campaign urged British people to offer their home to those in need if they were able to – with 100,000 signing up within the first day. 

There will be no limit to how many Ukrainians can enter the UK under the visa sponsorship scheme. 

Each household hosting a refugee will be offered £350 a month by the Government, but hosts are not expected to pay for the food or clothing for the refugees they take in. As the refugees get settled in their new homes and look for employment they will need a lot of support such as access to food, clothing and mental health facilities. There are ways you can help to fundraise for additional needs in your community


How to help Ukraine refugees in UK

If you’re feeling inspired to help, there are several ways you can help to raise money for charities and campaigns.

Donate to existing campaigns

Many people have already started fundraising to support refugees in their community

The campaigns below are examples of how people in the UK have already tried to help:

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    Challenge yourself 

    Money can be raised for established charities by simply running, cycling or walking. 

    You could complete a challenge while encouraging your supporters to donate to charities such as the Red Cross, the Disasters Emergency Committee or British-Ukrainian Aid.

    Fundraising events

    Relief to humanitarian causes here in the UK and abroad can be provided by fundraising for events in your community. 

    Whether is by getting people together, or collaborating with your neighbours to deliver aid, you could use GoFundMe to help kick-start your campaign. 

    By gathering your friends for a bingo night, trivia night or bake sale – there are plenty of ways to support a cause close to your heart. 

    You could also launch your own campaign to support refugees arriving into yours or family member’s homes. 

    Supporting refugees abroad from home 

    Help can also be given to those in need abroad from home. 

    There are several ways you can help from the UK by donating to existing campaigns to support those abroad. 

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      Start your fundraiser to support refugees today

      Now that you have the tools for successful fundraising at your fingertips and you know how to set up a GoFundMe, all that’s left to do is create your donation page! Start your fundraiser today and begin raising money for what’s most important to you.