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Raised by 28 people in 16 days
 On Monday June 25th, 2018  my 10-year-old son was violently assaulted and kidnapped by a 5'10, 220 lb, 36 year old Caucasian women. This occurred inside our gated Irvine community by a women living less than 100 ft from our home

Details - While my son played soccer outside with two of his friends, the offender approached them and asked if she could play soccer with them.  Although the kids didn't feel comfortable with her playing because they thought it was strange, rather than be rude (their opinion) they allowed her to play. The ball got kicked into the trash bin area and my son went to get the ball. The offender followed behind him. He climbed into the trash bin to get the ball and as he was climbing out of the trash bin the offender grabbed him as if to help him. He told the offender, "it's okay I got it", but she held onto him despite his asking her not to. When his feet hit the ground the offender put him into a choke-hold.  The offender tightened her grip pushing upwards making it hard for my son to breathe. The offender told him that he was in trouble,  calling him a bitch and telling him that he was a slave. The offender pulled my son while in that  same strong choke-hold 30 ft from the trash bin to her car.  During this time his two brave friends ran to get help. While next to her car she took her arm off him to get something out of her car. At this time my son was so terrified that he had the reverse reaction - rather than run he froze. He wanted to run away but he couldn't move he said, "my legs felt frozen, as if they were stuck I couldn't move and I stayed there while she got something out her car".  The offender resumed the choke-hold and pulled my son another 10 ft to the stairs leading to her apartment. Once they reached the bottom of the stairs she release the hold and said, "We're going to go to my house for a little bit".  Seconds later a good samaritan confronted the offender and my son was saved

What Happened? I pressed charges and the offender was arrested and an emergency protective order was issued by judge that day. The DA's office filed 2 misdemeanor charges against offender and they include PC 273(a)a Child Abuse and Endangerment and 236 False Imprisonment. She had her bail arraignment hearing, she was appointed a public defender, plead Not Guilty and a pretrial date was set for 7/6 her bail was reduced from 100,000 down to 5,000. She bailed out of jail 2 days later and returned home to our apartment community on Thursday June 28th, 2018.  I was devastated  and completely outraged, baffled by the judicial system. Why wasn't she charged with a felony? Why wasn't she charged with the kidnapping charges filled by the Irvine Police Department? Why was her bail reduced? Why was she allowed bail? There are eyewitnesses, this happened in broad daylight,  where is the justice? I'm currently  looking for lawyers now who can represent us at no charge, so that we can fight for the justice my son deserves. 

Our Backstory - The victim is my biological nephew. After taking him in 2015 he has decided to call me mom instead of auntie.  Henceforth the reason why I refer to him as my son because he is my son. My son's parents were teenage parents. My brother (his dad) has been a revolving door in the judicial system since he was 15-years-old, my son's mother has been addicted to opioids since she was 17-years-old. I have been my son's legally adoptive mother for the past three years. This horrific criminal act has been severely detrimental to my son. This should NEVER happen to a child, especially this child.  From the age of 3-7 years-old my son endured unspeakable emotional and physical abuse from his caretaker. Abuse such as being told he was worthless, dumb, unwanted, beaten with objects such as metal spatula, meat tenderizer, days without food, etc. I believe wholeheartedly that this incident triggered my son's Post Traumatic Stress (PST)  which  is why he didn't run or fight back. He went back to that 3-year-old little boy who believed not fighting back would make the pain stop faster. 

Concerning Facts: When I told the apartment community  relations manager what happened the next morning she said, "I'm so sorry this happen to you, but I'm not surprised by who the person is. We've had a number of issues with her and the management team is currently taking action, maybe your situation will help speed up the process". It was shocking to learn that this woman had previously displayed disturbing behavior. Behavior so pungent that choking a minor, dragging him through parking lot while choking him and attempting to take him to her home isn't shocking.  I find it extremely disconcerting that someone of her caliber was allowed to reside within our apartment community. Was the writing  already on the wall? I cannot help but wonder if negligence is a factor. Could this incident possibly have been prevented if swifter actions and measures to evict this woman had taken place sooner?  After 7 long days of silence, I finally received a response back from the the corporate headquarters; they offered to transfer me into an apartment unit a little further from the offender within the same apartment complex, and $500 moving voucher. Unfortunately, this isn't sustainable long-term, as the offender knows exactly where we live. As mentioned before due to my son's previous trauma his being assaulted while playing outside within our apartment complex has triggered his previous trauma  imposing Post Traumatic Stress (PST) and has impaired his level of functioning. It's in my son's best interest to relocate so that he can rebuild his sense of security at home, outside to aid him recovery from this traumatic experience.      

Why I/we need your help?  I need  the help financially allow my son and I the freedom to focus solely on recovery. With the monies we will be able to move out of the current apartment complex to a neighboring apartment complex in order to not disrupt my son's current connections within the city. This will help give us peace of mind.  I don’t want to be behind the same gate as this woman. My son is fearful of his life and no longer wants to play outside because she is here. I'm not sleeping, my sons not sleeping, he's stressed, I'm stressed and we're both in a constant state of worry. We can literally go outside at any moment and we could see the woman. I fear for our safety. At any time this woman could retaliate against my son and I.  I live on the first floor she could literally climb over onto my balcony into my home and kill us in the middle of the night. Sounds extreme? No! I have no idea to her capabilities and or her mental stability. There is a court order retraining order in place, but how many times has a restraining order failed the victims. It takes seconds for something tragic to happen, and minutes for the police to arrive. How many times have we seen a scenario play out in in the news in which people are severely hurt ? We all think of ways in our head how it could have been prevented if the right precautions and actions were taken to ensure the victims safety? That's what I want to do for my son and I. I want to prevent any further harm

My son's birthday is Monday July 9th and I would like nothing better than to give him a peaceful nights rest for his birthday. Will you help me make that dream a reality?

How your donation helps? The neighboring community I found only has 2 bedrooms available. I currently stay in a 1 bedroom apartment, my son has the room and I have the living room area. 

Monies will go towards the below
*Rent subsidy to aid with $600 rent difference to allow time for me to save in order to afford the more expensive rent on my own.   
*Moving expenses
*Therapy Dog for my son
*Specialized Play Therapy Sessions for my son
*Therapy for myself 

We want to thank you in advance for your heart to help us. It truly does take a Village and we thank you for being a part of our Village.

With Love & Appreciation, 

Unique and Eric
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Good morning Village,

This week Eric received a scholarship to attend daycamp for 3 days this week at our church. Which has been such an amazing experience for him. Time to be away from the house for a few hours to connect spiritually, an emotional outlet to let go and have fun as a kid should. We're so very blessed for this opportunity.

I'm still in high pursuit for Eric’s to feel safe at home again. After speaking to his therapist again yesterday it's imperative for this move to occur as quickly as possible. Thank you, thank you for your support. We're 18% closer to our goal.

As of yestersay the corporate office hasn't agreed to relocate us to the neighboring apartment complex. However, today is a new day and anything is possible with God on our side. I still believe in miracles. Please pray for their hearts and minds to be open.

Thank you ALL (167 of you) so much for your love support. In 8 days together we've raised $2,220. Wow!!! We've been so blessed by your generosity, kind heart felt words, prayers and most of all LOVE! Thank you for being a part of our Village.

Please continue to share, repost, and share again.

With Love & Appreciation,

Unique & Eric
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Yesterday evening I received a call from the corporate management team whom informed me that as of this weekend the offender is no longer on the property. To get this news on the eve of his birthday, I was happy to share that with him at dinner.

After patiently waiting for on-site management to respond to my concern of her being on premises and receiving no update, I took actions emailing every corporate email that I could find online on last Monday. Corporate responded to me on last Tuesday and it's good to know that actions were finally taken to ensure the safety of my son and the entire community.

I'm currently working with the corpoate office to assist with relocation to a neighboring community. There would be a $600 difference in my rent per month. As of yesterday evening there was no agreement made. I'm hoping and praying that they would reconsider my request. Eric is happy she's no longer on the property. However, at dinner he voiced his concern that he is still very scared to live within the same complex because she could come back anytime. He would feel safer living in a neighboring complex because she wouldn't know how to find us. I share his same sentiment.

Please keep us in prayer that corporate will be able to work with us to make our request a reality. It's my deepest desire to give Eric all he needs so that he can focus solely on healing and recovery from this horrific experience.

Thank you ALL for your support and love it's well received by two grateful hearts.

With Love & Appreciation,

Unique & Eric
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Happy 11th Birthday to my love!!!
To the big hearted, sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful, caring, funniest, intellectual, bravest, most artistic, resilient, determined, opinionated, spiritual, extremely positive, inspirational and poetic little human that I know...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You're the very air I breathe, my angel, my smile in the morning when I wake and when I close my eyes. You make life worth living. Blessed and honored to be chosen as your mother. You're a force of nature that brings light and love wherever you go. I'm extremely proud of you Papa!! Your latter will be greater and as I always tell what happens to you NEVER defines you, how you react will define you. Stand tall with your head held high knowing how phenomenal you are... your purpose on earth is GREAT so many people are and will be blessed because of you. May your heart always be filled happiness, your life with joy, may your light continue to shine brighter than the sun and may Holy Spirit lead and guide your every step and cover you with God's love, amen! I LOVE YOU!! ❤❤
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Hi Village,

Many of you have reached out for update and I'm sorry for the delay yesterday was a long day for me. When I arrived the offender posture was of a very smug and self-righteous demeanor. In court the offender looked extremely different. A full face of makeup, dressed nice - white blouse, blue suit jacket, grey trousers, pearls around her neck and a neat up bun. She looked like a completely different woman than the person I confronted on the day of the incident.

Court is a lot different than what happens on T.V. I quickly learned, all the important stuff happens behind the scenes. The D.A. and Public Defender chat behind the doors and then the judge comes out when ready to hear case. At that time the attorney stands at podium with defendant, they speak, motions are presented and the judge makes a decision. The public defender attorneys are arguing multiple cases (4-5 or more) at once moving quickly to resolve each case. Although I was there for 3 1/2 hours things moved fairly quickly between the 4 public defense attorneys and numerous defendants being heard/seen that day.

I witnessed the full spectrum of the offender. Once she saw me she starred at me constantly. I would turn to the side to take a glimpse and she would stare looking me dead into my eyes not turning away. It was like I was in grade school and playing a game of who could stare the longest. Rather, this wasn’t grade school and the look in her eyes was of intimation tactics and not a playful school game. I found myself shaking with frustration at times, it was the longest 3 1/2 hours ever.

The positives: I was able to personally talk outside to the D.A. overseeing my sons case that day outside in common area within the courthouse on a bench privately for 5-10 minutes. The most important minutes of the day in my opinion. She was so pleasant to speak with and knowledgeable of every detail revolving the case. Although she wasn’t the D.A. who initially filed I was impressed with her deep concern for justice. According to the misdemeanor charges that were filed there was an offer that the D.A. was considering in a plea deal that wasn't in my opinion conducive to the crime committed against my son. To be honest I wasn't satisfied with that. We had a quick dialogue about the events of the case and I shared how I was disappointment with the initial charges filed given all the evidence and eyewitness statements. There were some important key facts left out that she wasn’t aware of and she promised me that between now and the next pretrial date of 9/6 she will personally make sure all the supplemental reports are included. I addition, she will have the case re-evaluated by a felony D.A. for consideration of increased charges. That was the best news I've heard in a long time. Finally, someone who heard me. That's all wanted to hear these past two weeks is that they were listening to the facts that I was sharing and being taken seriously. The next pretrial of 9/6 gives the D.A. office the time to obtain all FULL detailed witness statements provided as supplemental statements and it will be included in the case file. That's a WIN!!!

Although, yesterday was exhausting emotionally and I'm physically drained. My talk with D.A. made it all worth it. There is now hope for justice and I feel so blessed.

Thank you Village for your support in 48 hours we've raised $740 dollars. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

With Love & Appreciation,

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$2,455 of $12,000 goal

Raised by 28 people in 16 days
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