Raise Money for Animals in Need Today

Do you want to help animals in need? In your local community and across the world, animals need our help for safety, shelter, food, and more. Whether you need help for emergency vet bills or supporting a rescue organization, fundraising is an easy and effective way to get the help for our furry friends. 

Turn your passion into action and raise money for animals in need today. 

Start a GoFundMe to help animals

Save a life today by fundraising for an animal in need

Fundraise for local animal rescue centres

Displaced animals rely on rescue centres to give them a chance at a forever home. Help fundraise for food, supplies, adoption fees, and other necessities for your local shelters.

Give help to animals affected by Covid-19

The RSPCA estimates up to 40 pets a day were abandoned due to lockdown, Metro reports. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on many people’s finances. Many pet owners are asking for extra help to look after their pets, or appealing for funds to avoid a dire choice when their animals become unwell.

Fundraise for a pet’s medical emergency

1 in 3 pets will need emergency veterinary treatment this year, which can be a costly but necessary expense. Start a fundraiser for a pet’s medical emergency to ensure they get the help they need.

Helping animals is easy

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Start your fundraiser

Start a fundraiser to help a pet or rescue.

Share and get support

Share your fundraiser and receive donations


Get funds quickly

Money raised gets to where it’s needed quickly

Meet some of the charities and organisations you can support

Hear the powerful stories of the animals, rescue centres, and charities who rely on fundraisers

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It’s easy to start collecting donations for animals you love

Check out these animal fundraisers

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