Sports Fundraising Ideas That Are a Home Run

Sports fundraisers are among the most successful events you can host for a charity or personal cause and a great way to connect with donors. From social golf tournaments to gritty cross-country races, athletic events can draw crowds of loyal supporters and new donors. If you want to give back while enjoying a sport you love, a sports fundraiser is a great way to combine your passions, test your boundaries, and have fun.

Get your fundraiser moving

Whether you’re planning an extreme challenge to raise awareness of your cause or holding a more laid-back event, sports fundraising can help you access the funds you need to improve your life or someone else’s. Some information on athletic fundraisers are:

  • Sports event fundraising is a billion-dollar industry that creates around 8,823 new jobs each year, according to IBIS World.
  • It’s becoming more popular—sports philanthropy events are growing at a rate of 1.4% per year, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.
  • The Huffington Post reported that families spend almost $700 a year to cover costs for youth sports teams.
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Six standout sports fundraising ideas

On your mark, get set, go—with sports fundraising

The inspiring stories and crowdfunding campaigns we’ve linked to above demonstrate the power of sports fundraising to improve the lives of real people. Crowdfunding also simplifies sports fundraising, giving you more time to focus on your fundraising event. Use the ideas above to put your sports fundraiser in motion. If you haven’t already started a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign, launch yours today.

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Fundraising ideas for cheerleaders


Cheerleading can be an expensive sport. Joining a high school cheerleading team, for example, typically costs between $700 and $1,000 a year, while competitive squads might run up expenses of another $2,000 to $3,000 annually. Many schools don’t cover these costs—and between uniforms, travel, registration fees, tumbling classes, and injuries, the high costs can keep cheerleaders out of the game.

Cheerleaders benefit the school community

Cheerleading squads often play an important role at school and in the community—yet they rarely get the financial support they need. By launching an online fundraiser, you can raise the money your squad needs and give your community a chance to show some love and support all you do.

  • Active Marketing Group reports that cheerleading has one of the highest rates of participation among sports.
  • They also estimate that 83% of cheerleaders carry at least a “B” grade average and serve as leaders of student organizations.

Eight fundraising ideas for cheerleaders

Cheer for fundraising

Cheerleaders are some of the most energetic people on campus, so their personalities naturally lend themselves to successful fundraising. By bringing your enthusiasm and school pride to your crowdfunding campaign, you can raise the money needed to keep your squad in the competition. Wondering which crowdfunding platform to choose? GoFundMe is free for fundraisers. Plus, our platform makes it easy to take donations via mobile devices at events, and tap into your squad’s combined and extensive social network.

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Fundraising ideas for golf tournaments


Golf fundraising tournaments have become extremely popular, especially with celebrities looking to hit a few bogeys and birdies for a deserving cause. The Golf Tournament Association of America reports that there are more than 800,000 golf tournaments dedicated to raising money for charity each year.

Whether or not you get celebrities to attend, you can pull off a successful fairway fundraising event for the charity of your choice. And if you’re already planning on running an online fundraiser, supplementing your crowdfunding campaign with a golf fundraising event can be the perfect way to increase donations and raise awareness in your community.

Small-scale golf fundraisers can be used to drum up support for other causes, too—memorials, medical bills, adoption fees, and even community scholarships, to name a few.

Golf tournament fundraising ideas

Be a caddie for change

No matter what the official score, a golf tournament is a win-win for everyone involved. It rallies communities together, gives people a chance to play on a course they might not have had access to otherwise, and raises money for a worthy cause. Start your sport fundraiser and supplement your online fundraiser with a rewarding golf tournament fundraiser.

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