Swim Challenges 2021 and Beyond for Charity

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When you’re raising funds for charity, it can often be a good idea to take on a challenge to encourage people to donate to your cause. Swim challenges in 2021 are a great way to raise funds because you can complete them at any time. Whether you brace yourself for a dip in the chilly Atlantic or you decide to complete laps around your local pool, taking on a swimming challenge for charity can be a fun way to raise money and also achieve a fitness goal.

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A breakdown of Swimming Challenges for Charity

Decide how far you want to go

The first step of swimming challenges for charity is to decide how far you want to go. This can vary from person to person. Maybe you are a swimmer already and you want to test yourself, in that case why not take on a bigger distance such as the length of the English Channel? If you are a swimming novice it might be better to break down the distance over the course of a couple of weeks. Whatever you decide, there is nothing better than the sense of accomplishment you will feel once you hit that finish line.

Where are you going to do it

The next step is deciding where you are going to complete your swimming challenge. The beauty of a virtual swim is that you can complete it in any body of water, whether that is your local swimming pool, a lake, or even the sea, it is totally up to you.

Who are you fundraising for?

When you are taking on such an epic challenge it’s important to think about who you want to fundraise for. There are so many incredible charities in the UK it can be difficult to choose. A helpful tip is to pick a charity that you have a connection to, maybe they are fundraising for a cause that you have had personal experience with. Some charities run their own swimming challenge events, read on to find out more.

How you can get involved with Virtual Swimming Challenges in 2021

There are a number of different ways to take on a swimming challenge for charity. Many charities arrange their own events where they encourage people to take a dip to raise funds for them. Participants are challenged to try a virtual swimming challenge in 2021 in their local pool, lake or sea.

You’ll find some popular favourites listed below, but if nothing grabs your fancy, why not set up your own?

Water Aid

Ever thought about running a marathon? How about swimming one instead? Starting in August, WaterAid challenges participants to swim a marathon to raise funds for them. You can complete a full or half marathon challenge over 12 weeks in your local pool or in open water. Sign up here.

Swim 22- Diabetes UK

From July 22 to  October 22 2021, Diabetes UK encourages participants to take on a 22 mile swim. If that sounds too far, they encourage participants to take part in the ‘The Half” swim which covers 11 miles. If swimming 22 miles sounds like it just isn’t enough of a challenge, brave participants can take on the challenge of swimming 44 miles in  “The Double.” Register here.

Swim It Macmillan

Swim it for Macmillan encourages participants to take on a virtual swim that can equate to the length of Loch Ness, the Thames or even the English channel. Participants can complete the miles from the comfort of their local pool. The challenge runs throughout August and September.

Swim Serpentine

One day a year swimmers are encouraged to swim the Serpentine to raise funds for Children with Cancer UK. This year’s event is taking place in September. Participants can choose to swim half a mile which equates to half a lap of the Serpentine, 1 mile which is equivalent to one lap or 2 miles which is a more challenging 2 laps. If you want something a little more intense, you can choose to take part in the super six, where the swimmer must complete 6 miles consecutively.

Swimathon Cancer Research and Marie Curie

Swimathon is an event that takes place from the 10-12th of September and encourages participants to take a dip to raise funds for Cancer Research or Marie Curie.  You can choose to take part in an organised Swimathon session or take part at a time and place that works for you. You can register here.

Create your own Challenge 

If none of these challenges appeal, why not create your own? Set your own goal and fundraise for the charity of your choice. It couldn’t be easier to launch an online fundraiser and watch the donations roll in. Ready to get cracking? Simply search for your charity by name or charity number, click ‘start’ and follow the step-by-step set-up.

Start your swim challenge fundraiser today

If you think you are ready to take on the challenge, you can launch a GoFundMe for your chosen charity today. Setting up a charity fundraiser takes a few moments, and we minimise stress by sending all funds straight to your chosen charity. Unlike our competitors we don’t take a penny out of Gift Aid meaning 100 percent goes to the charity. Our support team are on hand 24/7 should you have any questions or need any help with your fundraiser. Once you are set up don’t forget to share. Sharing your fundraiser on social media brings in, on average, £48 in donations and you can do it with the click of a button.


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