A guide to fundraising for the Edinburgh Marathon

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Edinburgh Marathon is an annual event held in Scotland’s capital since 1982. 

The race sees thousands raised for charity and has runners competing from all over the country. 

The current route begins in the city centre, before moving out of Edinburgh into East Lothian, and finishing at Musselburgh, East Lothian

It is known for having a flat route, over an easier terrain and it was voted the fastest marathon in the UK by Runners World.

Event details

Edinburgh Marathon is the second largest marathon event in the UK, following behind the London Marathon. 

This year’s event will take place on May 28th and will begin at 10am. 

The route takes in some of Edinburgh’s most iconic landmarks as well as coastal views along the race. 

Although standard entry points have all been filled, you can still compete with a charity place in this year’s race. 

How to choose a charity

Entering via a charity place is a great way to take part and provides you with a great motivator when training feels tough. 

You can take part in a charity that’s close to your heart, one that you’re inspired by or one that you want to learn more about. 

Partnering with the event, the Edinburgh Marathon has listed the following charities that you can enter with a charity place: 

  • Macmillan Cancer Support 
  • Cancer Research UK 
  • British Heart Foundation 
  • Alzheimer Scotland
  • MS Society

Set a fundraising goal

Some charity places require you to pledge to raise a certain amount in order to enter. 

While this isn’t the case for all fundraising, it can be great to set yourself a realistic fundraising goal when running the marathon. 

Setting a moderate and achievable goal is a great way to motivate yourself to keep training and funds go towards fantastic charities helping others. 

You can always increase your goal or exceed it later, depending on how much support you get. 

Social media can also be utilised to really help you achieve your fundraising target. From sharing it on your social channels and asking friends and family to share it on theirs, your page can reach a large audience. 

Share your training progress

While fundraising, you can also post updates on your GoFundMe page to let supporters know how your training is going. 

Your strides and achievements – such as running a certain distance or hitting a new personal best – can be shared with donors who have supported you from the start. 

Updates can also include how your training plan is going and if you’ve hit any challenges along the way. 

This can help to draw attention to your fundraiser and keep people engaged. You can also wear clothes branded with your chosen charity or cause while training. 

Wearing this on race day could also be hugely impactful too. 

Start an Edinburgh Marathon GoFundMe

GoFundMe can be the perfect place for you to start your Edinburgh Marathon fundraiser. 

You can select a charity from our list of charities when starting a fundraiser in a quick and easy way. 

There’s no minimum fundraising requirement to do this and funds are delivered automatically, 100% of Gift Aid goes directly to charity.

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