One donation. Five charities. Huge reward.

At GoFundMe we’re so impressed with the amazing fundraising that happens during Ramadan every single year as thousands of Muslims all across the world give their Zakat and Sadaqah to projects in need.  

As Ramadan is a really important time for charity giving, we decided to work in conjunction with Muslim organisations to develop a Ramadan Zakat fund that helps you fulfil your donations in a smart, safe and secure way.

With just one donation, your Zakat is distributed equally to five Muslim charities: Ummah Welfare Trust, National Zakat Foundation, Orphans in Need, Islamic Help & Muslim Charity.

What your Zakat goes towards

We handpicked five Muslim charities that are experts in managing and distributing Zakat donations, and your donation will be distributed to them equally. Ummah Welfare Trust, National Zakat Foundation, Orphans In Need, Muslim Global Relief & Penny Appeal have decades of experience working in the space, so they can make sure your Zakat is treated with care and fulfilled properly.

The charities have some impressive and much needed Zakat projects this year, including food packs, housing, financial support, and helping people come out of poverty in places like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon. 

This is a safe way to give your Zakat.  Every online donation is protected with our GoFundMe Giving Guarantee, which means you will get a full refund in the rare case something isn’t right.  Click through to learn more about how our guarantee protects you.

Spread the love and complete your Zakat donation with confidence through our Ramadan Zakat Fund.

Donate now to join thousands of Muslims fulfilling their Zakat on GoFundMe.  


What’s Zakat?

Zakat is a mandatory donation made by Muslims every year equalling 2.5% of the wealth they own. You’re only required to donate Zakat if your wealth is above the minimum threshold (known as Nisab).

It’s one of the five pillars of Islam, which means it’s one of the most significant things in Islam, alongside believing in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), praying, fasting, and performing Hajj pilgrimage.

Why pay Zakat?

In the Quran, God commanded all Muslims “And establish prayer and give zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah.” (2:110)

Zakat literally means “to purify”, so by donating a portion of your wealth – it’s a way of appreciating what God has blessed you with, blessing your income, whilst helping to uplift Muslims in need.

How do I calculate my Zakat?

First you need to figure out everything you own and everything you owe, and subtract what you owe from what you own to find out your wealth. This includes everything from cash, money you’re owed, shares, pensions, gold, silver, short-term loans/bills, crypto & business assets. You then calculate 2.5% of the value to find your Zakat amount. If you need more information there’s help provided by other organisations available online.

Are there any fees?

For organisers in the UK, there’s no fee to start or manage a fundraiser. However, one small transaction fee of 1.9% +0.20p is automatically deducted from each donation to charity fundraisers. Gift Aid is processed and passed on for free.  Optional voluntary contributions from donors are always appreciated by GoFundMe, but never required. Donor contributions help make it possible for us to offer powerful and trusted fundraising tools, customer support, and a team of Trust & Safety experts.