We Need You to #moveforcrew

Move for Crew is our new initiative to raise more vital funds for our charity TECH – The technical entertainment charity. We will be using the money raised to pay for therapy sessions for those in need and connect our community with certified practitioners who understand our industry.

As we are all missing live music and events, Wembley Stadium will be our iconic focal point for the challenge.

We challenge you to walk or run 31 miles in your local area in March. This is the equivalent of 50 times around the perimeter of the iconic Wembley Stadium. That’s a mile for every day in March. Feel free to post a screenshot of your miles, especially if you are being sponsored.

Treating mental health should now be a priority.

How to start a campaign

1. Click start below and sign in – your campaign should automatically be for ‘TECH – The technical entertainment charity’
2. Your fundraiser title should be your name and #MoveForCrew
3. Enter a small and manageable fundraising target of your choice
4. Upload a photo of your choice, if you don’t want to put a photo up of yourself please copy the We Need Crew logo on this page.
5. ‘Tell your story’ simply copy and paste this text.

“I am taking the #MoveForCrew walk/run 31 miles in March challenge.

This is the equivalent of 50 times around the perimeter of the iconic Wembley Stadium

I am helping to raise vital funds for the mental health support of event crew across Music, Theatre and TV.

Please sponsor me if you can, every penny counts!”

6. Click launch and share your fundraising page far and wide

7. If you would like to fundraise as a team you can invite and add your teammates in the ‘your fundraiser’ settings.


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We Need Crew are an organisation that we set up last year to assist the UK’s live music touring crew. So far we have raised £250k which is currently going out in covid grants to over 200 of the most financially vulnerable Music/TV/Theatre and live events crew. We now want to focus on the strain and impact the pandemic is having on people’s physical and mental health.

We all know that music is essential for our mental wellbeing. It can reduce stress and help with our anxiety. Last year the UK’s ambulance services reported a spike in causes related to suicide or suicide attempts. Now more than ever we need to keep live entertainment alive and help the teams behind it.