Donate to Fundraisers for Myanmar

Myanmar is facing mass protests after the military seized power on 1 February. Democratically elected government leaders have been detained.

There has been international outrage at the turmoil amid reports of hundreds of protesters being killed, including children. The violence led charity Save the Children to proclaim: “Children are no longer safe in Myanmar.”

Across the world, people are working to try to donate to, and fundraise for, those on the ground.

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 Donate to Fundraisers for Myanmar

You can help through these fundraisers

 How You Can Start a Fundraiser for Myanmar

It couldn’t be faster or easier to start a fundraiser to help those in Myanmar. Simply click ‘start a campaign’. There are many charities working to help those on the ground in Myanmar such as Action Aid, Project Burma, the Red Cross and Save the Children.

Things to think about when you are writing a campaign story are:

  1. Who you are 
  2. Your relationship to Myanmar and why you’ve decided to fundraise to help
  3. The impact of a donation and how it will be used. Charities often provide information about this, breaking down the difference between a £5-10 donation
  4. Why this is so important to you

Think about what images to include, with one as the image at the top of the campaign


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 Top Tips for Fundraising for Myanmar

If you decide you want to fundraise for Myanmar, it could not be easier on GoFundMe. Simply sign up, and select ‘charity’ when asked who to fundraise for. 

Once you’ve made your campaign, just share the link on your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Snapchat and start bringing in donations. 

What’s more, GoFundme can deliver funds to a charity safely and securely. Our customer service team is on hand to help whenever you need them, and you can use our mobile app to check in on your fundraising progress on the move.

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