Donating to Little Princess Trust: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Little Princess Charity provides real hair wigs to children and young adults who have experienced hair loss. 

It provides free hair wigs for young people up to the age of 24, as well as funding childhood cancer research searching to find kinder and more effective treatments.

About the charity

Founded in 2006, Little Princess Trust has been providing free wigs to young people in need for nearly two decades. It has provided more than 14,000 wigs to children and young people with hair loss and has invested £20 million in childhood cancer research.

The charity is known for providing free hair wigs to young people, but it also researches less aggressive and less toxic cancer treatments.

Since 2016, it has funded scientists researching paediatric cancer, with 107 research projects searching for treatments.

Little Princess Trust charity projects

The charity essentially works on three main projects, outlined below. 

Free wig donations is at the heart of what the charity does, but it also works to benefit and support young people in different ways. 

Real hair wig donation

Little Princess Trust was set up in 2006 to provide real hair wigs to young people who have lost their hair to cancer, and this still forms the heart of what they do. 

Working with an extensive network of salons and fitters across the UK, the charity aims to make it as easy as possible to request a wig fitting.

A wig can be requested by the person who will be wearing it, their parents or guardian. 

You are then put in touch with a personal wig fitter, near you, so you can personalise what type of wig you will get and how it will fit. 

Cancer research and grants

The British charity works to provide grants for additional research. 

Since it began funding research, it has provided grants totalling up to £20 million.

If an organisation were to apply for funding, it must pass the charity’s ‘rigorous review’ and work to ultimately benefit children

The charity researches  kinder, more targeted, less toxic and more effective treatments for

all childhood cancers. 

The charity said: “Much of our funding has been for projects through advertised rounds

with the support and assistance of the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia

Group (CCLG). 

“Grants awarded to date through competitive open calls have typically ranged in value between £100,000 and £250,000, though we have also awarded some significant grants up to £1.4M and a small number of pilot grants.”

How the charity uses donations

The charity works to support good causes that benefit and support children and young people. 

As well as donating free wigs that can lift a person’s confidence and wellbeing, it offers grants to organisations and donates funds into research. 

According to the Little Princess Trust’s annual review, from August 2020 until July 2021, the charity spends £7.22 million on charitable activities, including:

  • 1,769 wigs provided over the course of the year
  • £5.88 million given to research projects
  • 32 research projects

How to donate to Little Princess Trust

There are several ways you can donate to help the Little Princess Trust. 

You can simply donate funds online if you’re moved by the cause and can check out how to do this on the charity’s website. 

Or, alternatively, if you’re due a haircut or want to prepare yourself to donate hair, you can also donate your locks. In doing this, you can set up your own fundraiser on GoFundMe.

How to donate your hair

Donating your hair is a selfless and lovely thing to do to support children and young people.

Before you undertake any fundraising or growing your hair for the donation, it’s important to see what the charity says about donating hair.It has outlined some information about the quality of hair it can use, saying it must be in excellent condition. More information is available on the Little Princess Trust’s website

Little Princess Trust fundraisers

People up and down the country donate and raise money and donate to the Little Princess Trust. 

It couldn’t be easier to get involved. Below are examples of people who have done just that. 

Arabelle’s Fundraiser

After seeing ‘how traumatic this has been for her big sister,’ little Arabelle wanted to donate to the Little Princess Trust. 

After growing her hair long enough to cut it, Arabelle was able to raise more than £2,500 after a big haircut. 

The big chop for the Little Princess Trust

Ten-year-old Roxie also grew her hair long enough to cut it so she could make a special donation as well. 

Roxie’s hair was down to her knees before she cut it, and she was able to raise more than £1,000 in a special donation. 

Braving the shave

Ruth Dargue was diagnosed with cancer but selflessly wanted to donate her hair to help other people who may lose their hair because of chemotherapy. 

Generously, she was able to also raise hundreds of pounds to help people. 

Start your own fundraiser on behalf of the Little Princess Trust

Raising money for The Little Princess charity is one way of seeing the difference how far you can go. 

You can see the difference this makes to real people and it’s something you can donate to easily. 

If you want, you could also start your own fundraiser.