Legal Contact Info

Contact information for law enforcement, legal counsel, compliance and regulatory bodies.


We take your legal questions and concerns very seriously at GoFundMe. For a directory of who to contact for your specific enquiry, please review the sections below.


If you have a problem concerning an account, how GoFundMe works or any other general issue, please visit our Help Centre.

If you are looking to get a campaign removed for fraudulent or untrustworthy behaviour, report the campaign here.


Please see the Law Enforcement and Government Demands Notice here. Quick summaries are provided below.

Request for Records – United States

If you have a valid US civil or criminal request for records (such as a subpoena or court order) for GoFundMe to review, please submit it via:

Alternatively, records request may be served on GoFundMe‘s registered agent

Cogency Global Inc.
1325 J Street, Suite 1550
Sacramento, CA 95814

Request for Records – International

All international requests must be delivered pursuant to the Notice

Other Law-Related Questions

If you have other law-related questions, please send an email to