How You Can Help Fight the UK Climate Emergency 

In July 2022 the UK saw a huge increase in fires amid record breaking temperatures.

Here on GoFundMe, fundraisers mentioning ‘fire’ more than doubled compared to the same period in 2021.

As the climate emergency affects the UK, disasters will become more common – here’s how you can help individuals affected by climate change.


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      Top three proactive things you can do to help fight climate change


      Alter your diet

      Eating locally can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions as importing food from abroad creates a large carbon footprint. Another thing you can try is cutting down your meat intake. If you don’t want to give up meat altogether, a good way to start is to eat vegetarian one day a week.


      Raise money for environmental charities

      Start a fundraiser to collect donations to help the environment. Pick an environmental charity of your choice, and share your fundraiser with your family and friends.


      Talk about climate change prevention

      When you talk about something you are passionate about, others will listen. Try to encourage others to care about the environment and help them make small changes to their everyday lives to help the planet.

      You can find more tips on how to help the environment here.

      Start a fundraiser and help fight climate change

      We must work together to stop the effects of the climate crisis : floods, storms and extreme heat waves are dramatic signs of what lies ahead. It can be easy to feel like we don’t have much power as an individual but that is not the case. You can start a fundraiser to support your favourite climate change organisation or be the first one to help when the effects of climate change impact your local area.

      We are here to support you. At GoFundMe we have a support team on hand to  answer any questions you may have about your campaign.