99.7 per cent of women in the UK have experienced violence from men including assaults, harassment and rape. Male violence is everyone’s problem. This is not just about victims or perpetrators. It’s about people. Take a stand today.

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The #Iwalkwithwomen fund is set up by GoFundMe.org.uk to deliver funds to charities working towards ending the epidemic of male violence.

This is a campaign for organisations working across the UK, in all our communities. It is intersectional, to help all women who suffer from the effects of male violence. This includes BME individuals, those who identify as male or non-binary, and trans women.

#Iwalkwithwomen is an initiative from Bauer Media. GoFundMe have partnered with Bauer on some new research into how people feel about the subject of women’s safety since the murder of Sarah Everard.


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Raise money however you want – by walking, running, trying a sponsored silence, or just setting up a link and sharing with your friends.

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It’s time to act now. This is why

Research carried out by Grazia and GoFundMe shows six months after the murder of Sarah Everard women still feel unsafe on the streets.  Women are scared because of the threat of male violence, something we can all work together to combat. In the past six months:

  • 48 percent of women have felt nervous about someone walking behind them
  • 26 percent have received unwanted male attention from a stranger.
  • 23 percent have felt frightened while at home alone
  • But 37 percent of the men made a conscious effort to try to make women feel safer#Iwalkwithwomen is in partnership with Bauer media across their print and audio brands.

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