How to Help Afghan refugees in the UK

Many Britons are looking for ways to help asylum seekers evacuated from Afghanistan settle in the UK. Charities are working on the ground to provide urgent aid to refugees, and you can fundraise for or donate to them on GoFundMe.

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Refugee Action

Refugee Action is campaigning against the government’s anti-refugee bill (Nationality and Borders Bill) which would see any Afghani arriving in the UK by any means other than a “legal flight” met with hostility which could include deportation.


Care4Calais is currently offering support to Afghan refugees arriving in Manchester, providing clothes, shoes, phones or other essentials.

Choose Love

Choose Love is working with a network of Afghan-led organisations to get help to where the need is greatest. Their projects aim to provide support and vital services to Afghan refugees, these include clothes, shelter, support for children and groups protecting women and children’s rights. These are things no one should go without.

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Others ways to help

The UK government has put together a guide to help those looking to help refugees. They offer tips on housing, fostering and donating items such as clothes. If you click on the link it will tell you about councils in your area looking for support. You can also volunteer to work in your community, check out the opportunities on Volunteering Matters.

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