Donate to Afghanistan Relief Efforts

Escalating violence is contributing to an increasingly alarming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

To help, donate to verified Afghanistan relief fundraisers. Join GoFundMe in supporting a range of crucial needs, including emergency relocation, medical aid, and more.


Verified fundraisers providing crucial humanitarian aid

Our Trust & Safety team is diligently reviewing each fundraiser started for Afghanistan relief efforts and communicating directly with the organisers to ensure that funds are delivered safely and securely to the intended beneficiary. The fundraisers below have been verified accordingly.

Help Women in Afghanistan

Afghan women need your support now more than ever. UN Women is committed to stand by them and deliver ongoing support

Help British Military Afghan Interpreters

A former Grenadier Guard and JTAC who served during three operational tours to Afghanistan is fundraising to help British military interpreters.

Charity Bake Sale for Afghanaid

Chef Rukmini Iyer is running a charity bake sale for charity AfghanAid


Future Brilliance are fundraising to help evacuate Afghan women, men and children out of harm’s way.