How to Donate your Energy Bill Rebate

Everyone in Britain is getting ​​a £400 discount on their energy bills. The help comes in the midst of a cost of living crisis, and as inflation hits a record high. It is much-needed for some, but some generous higher earners are donating the increase.

Donate to charities helping those in fuel poverty

Here you can find and donate directly to charities helping people in fuel poverty

What is the Energy Bill Rebate?

The £400 discount comes courtesy of the government. The money is being applied monthly until March 2023, and some customers may get the money straight into their bank accounts. Others will see it as a discount on their direct debits. This will be done automatically – so if you receive any information asking for your details to pass on the rebate, ignore it. If you have not received your first discount by the end of October 2022, contract your energy supplier. As explains, all households with a domestic energy connection are eligible for the payment.  

That means it is not means tested – so richer households, and those with second homes, are all getting the discount. Some have chosen to donate their rebates back to charity to help the poorest Britons with the cost of living crisis.

Donate to Energy Bill Rebate Fundraisers


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