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Single Mom in Dire Situation

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I am desperately asking for help for my friend, Danielle Pegram ...Danielle Ray or Peanut as many may know her by, and her two children at home. This is an urgent plea and as much as she does not want to put her business out there, she is in a very desperate and time-sensitive situation. In March of this year Danielle, who is a single mom, lost her job.  Her supervisor created a very hostile work environment where she was demeaned and cursed out and once she tried to express her desire to be treated with respect she was fired without warning. Her unemployment was blocked by this same supervisor and upon appeal, she was wrongly accused of being a difficult and noncompliant employee. She has continued to apply for job after job, only to find out that this same supervisor has been passing bad information about her to potential employers. There has been no income since March and everything is well past due, most of all she has an eviction notice giving her until Wednesday June 7, 2017 to vacate. Her prayers were pinned on her unemployment appeal and because of false information that was given, she received the denial today. She  has nowhere to go, and I am trying to help her come up with the $2000 that will at least allow her to stay in her home while she determines her next best move. This is a hard-working single mom who trusts God for her needs and knows He will come through but she's been put in such an unfair situation that if you can possibly help ( financially, with prayers, by sharing this) we would be so thankful!! 
Anything will help so much! Her home is foremost but she's also in danger of car repo, her phone is disconnected, honestly everything is hanging in the balance! As if all this wasn't weight enough, Danielle is also facing the possibility of having neck surgery in the very near future.  Through all this, she continues to believe God for answers! Bless you for reading and please help however you can!! Thank you!


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Julie Ivey Jeffries
Greensboro, NC
Danielle Ray

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