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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced millions of businesses across the globe to close their doors. These precautionary closures have left individuals and businesses scrambling to cover lost income, secure health insurance, pay existing bills and other expenses. According to the JP Morgan Chase Institute, the average company with 500 employees has less than a month of cash on hand and now these small businesses are facing severe economic hardship for the foreseeable future. Coronavirus relief for small businesses is critically needed.

Thankfully, we can all do something to help small businesses affected by coronavirus. Through crowdfunding, you have the power to make an immediate difference to a local restaurant, bar or favourite boutique. Consider fundraising for coronavirus relief to help a business you know and love – or support one of the many struggling businesses with a monetary donation to one of the above fundraisers. With a little encouragement and support from community members, small businesses can survive the coronavirus crisis and continue to thrive long afterwards.

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