15 Pet Fundraising Ideas to Help You Raise More Money

National Pet Day is April 11th, and with it comes an opportunity to show our love for our animal friends. With 57% of households in Canada owning a pet, it’s clear that animals have become an important part of our lives. We all know plenty of healthy and happy pets, but sadly there are still many animals that need help. From supporting your local animal shelters to raising money for your pet’s surgery, consider crowdfunding to help an animal in need.

Crowdfunding is an easy way to raise the money we need for our own beloved pets and for those other animals we want to help. With our playful pet fundraising ideas, you can help an animal today.

Start a pet fundraiser

Why start a pet fundraiser?

Pets are a joyful addition to any household, but with that extra bundle of love comes additional expenses. With pets, costs creep up in a number of areas.

Get help with vet bills

Keeping your pet healthy is important, and those veterinarian visits aren’t. General checkups can run from $45-$55. Pet surgeries add the most to the bill with costs reaching the thousands, according to Pet Care RX. Be diligent about checking for signs that your pet is in pain so you know when they need a trip to the vet.

Adopt a service animal

Service animals not only bring love into the lives of owners, they also provide needed assistance. Unfortunately adopting and training a service dog can get expensive. For example, service dogs approved by the Autism Service Dogs of America cost over $20,000. On top of that, you need to consider other potential costs, like regular veterinary care.

Support an animal shelter

Ask shelters what resources they need refilled or if they need help on a new project. You can help raise funds for specific equipment, general care, expensive medical care, and more. Check out our fundraising ideas for animal shelters for inspiration.

Pet-themed fundraising ideas

1. Pet wash

A pet wash is a classic, reliable way to lather up some cash for pets. Gather supplies like pet-friendly soap, buckets, towels, and more. Then pick a date with a promising weather report, and start advertising. On flyers, make sure to include your fundraiser’s URL and where the money is going. The day of your pet wash, have more information about your fundraiser at the ready with a smartphone or tablet for easy mobile giving.

2. Walk-a-thon

Everyone knows that a happy pet is a sleepy pet, worn out after a day of exercise. To get animals moving in your neighborhood, hold a pet walk-a-thon. Pick a time and place that will make it easy for people to join in. Ask people for donations to participate. Set up water and snack stations along the way for humans and their pets.

3. Pet pageant

Who doesn’t think their own pet is the cutest of them all? Let your community show off their furry, feathered, or scaly friends with a pet pageant. Pet owners can make a donation for a chance to walk the runway. Whether indoors or outdoors, make a runway, get a PA system, and find an MC. Have participants dress up or let them strut their stuff in the buff. Let the audience participate by having them vote on “cutest,” “goofiest,” and “most fashionable.”

4. Homemade treat sale

A homemade treat is a joy to humans and animals alike. Nowadays, there are many recipes for pet snacks you can make from scratch. Pick a few tasty recipes and when they’re ready, package them in cute bags to sell. Work with a farmer’s market, school, or veterinarian’s office to find a time and place to sell your treats. Advertise where the money is going with flyers about your fundraiser.

5. Pet food drive

Pet food costs can add up quickly, and on a tight budget, it can be one of the first items to get cut. To help pets in your community, collect food and raise funds for local animal shelter fundraising. For example, animal lover Max started a fundraiser called Seattle Humane Teen Pet Food Drive. He raised more than $500 for a pet food bank that helps seniors and people living with AIDS take care of their animal friends.

6. Pet calendar

An especially successful fundraising idea around the holidays, a pet calendar showcases a new animal for each month of the year. You can work with local animal shelters to feature their rescues, or reach out to your community to see if they would contribute a photo of their pet. For example, photographer and animal lover Tiffany offered her donors a custom photo shoot (with an option for a yearly calendar) to help raise money for an animal charity in her fundraiser Tiffany’s Animal Balance Fundraiser.

7. Pet-inspired painting

What better way to express love for your pet than through art? Host a “paint your pet” night and competition. Buy supplies like canvases, paint, brushes, and set up a studio for participants. People can sign up in advance and donate to your fundraiser to participate. At the end, display the art and vote on the best portrait.

8. Seasonal pet parties

Every season offers its own holidays to enjoy, so why not turn your celebrations into seasonal pet parties? Instead of Mardi Gras, bust out the milk bones for Mardi Paw. Focus on the beastly during Halloween and throw a Howl-o-ween, for all creatures. Show your love for furry friends by making howl-entines on Valentines Day. Pupmas and Pawnukah add a fun twist on beloved holidays. At pet fundraising events, set up a table with information about your fundraiser and a place for partygoers to donate and help with raising money.

Dog themed fundraisers

10. DIY dog show

Invent your own Westminster and display local dogs in a fun and friendly DIY dog show. Create an entertaining and great way for your community to come together in support of your fundraiser. Check local dog parks, vets, and animal stores to put up flyers for your dog show. Have people sign up or you can let people participate on the spot—they can pay a donation to enter their dog in the show. Provide a simple option for donating, like a smartphone or tablet.

11. Dog walking services

With our increasingly busy lives, many dog owners have trouble fitting in regular dog walks. Help fill that need by offering dog walking services to on-the-go dog owners. This walking assistance could also be of benefit to owners who have less mobility. For a fee, all going to your fundraiser, provide 30, 45, or 60-minute walks.

12. Puppy-friendly happy hour

Most people love dogs and beer, so why not combine the two in a pet-friendly yappy hour? Partner with a local brewery, bar, or eatery that’s willing to donate a portion of the proceeds to your fundraiser. You could even ask the business to offer a special, like Puppy Porter or Animal Ale.

13. Dog days of summer party

Celebrate your animal friends and those last days of warmth with a dog days of summer party. Provide games and treats for furry friends, along with doggy bags for them to take home. Don’t forget their humans, and offer a spread of hot dogs, pupcakes, and more. Set up a table for donations along with information about your fundraiser.

14. Homemade dog toys

Play is essential for a dog’s happiness, and there are few better ways to get pups engaged than with their favorite toys. Make your own homemade dog toys to give in exchange for donations to your fundraiser. Old clothes and towels make great rope toys; tennis balls and fabric can transform into a fun tug toy; and plastic bottles can be made into an interactive feeder toy with a little elbow grease and some kibble.

15. Dog kissing booth

There’s nothing sweeter in the world than a smooch from a pooch, and what better way to brighten up the world than with a dog kissing booth? With a cardboard box, some art supplies, and a few friendly dogs, you can have your own dog kissing booth in no time. Check with local farmer markets, fairs, and sporting events to see if you can set up your booth to raise money for your fundraising event.

Pick the purrfect fundraising idea

Animals add a lot of benefits to our lives, which is why it’s so important to take care of their needs. Pet fundraising is a great way to help out animal friends. With our pet fundraising ideas, you’ll be on your way to making a pawsitive difference in a pet’s life.