Fundraising Ideas for Schools to Raise Money Fast

Traditional school fundraisers send children door-to-door selling things like wrapping paper and chocolate bars to everyone they know. Not only is this inefficient, but also pupils and schools typically have to pay a good portion of the money to the supplier of the products sold. Crowdfunding is a much more effective alternative. Pupils and schools can make far more from their efforts and keep the funds they raise,  read on for our top fundraising ideas for schools.

Start a GoFundMe today


Making it easy to spread the word

GoFundMe’s social sharing tools make it easy for schools to spread the word via social media with the click of a button. Schools can quickly and easily raise the money they need for programmes and projects — and pupils participate in service learning. Schools can begin withdrawing funds as soon as the fundraiser starts receiving donations. There are no penalties for not reaching your goal, and you can choose your own deadline.

  • Pupils learn leadership skills by taking charge and raising money for an important cause.
  • Working with fellow pupils to run a fundraiser effectively is an opportunity to learn valuable team skills.
  • Practising acts of kindness plants the seeds of compassion and sets a precedent for a lifetime of public service.

Six best-in-class ideas for school fundraisers

  • 1. Enrichment programs

    Field trips, summer learning programmes, study abroad and enrichment programmes are often costly — but they’re also an ideal fit for crowdfunding because your needs are so well defined.

    • Raise funds for one classroom, a specific programme or an entire school.
    • Pupils can promote the fundraiser by sharing it on social media, creating photos and videos for fundraiser updates, writing thank-you notes to donors and more.
  • 2. Sports booster clubs

    A large number of pupils are involved in sports and athletic clubs. Booster clubs are formed to help coordinate events and raise money for the equipment and supplies pupil-athletes’ needs. A great way to raise funds is to have parents create a crowdfunding fundraiser that outlines the club’s needs.

  • 3. Prom and student activities

    Proms and other special school events come with a price tag — decorations, food, entertainment and prize giveaways add up. Coordinate with those in charge of planning the event and come up with a creative crowdfunding fundraiser to make your plans come to life. Pupils can really make these events special and fun without dipping into the school treasury.

  • 4. Computers or tablets for education

    Classrooms often make use of laptops and tablets — for reading textbooks, doing homework, accommodating pupil learning needs and more. If you want to upgrade or expand your capacity in this area, start a crowdfunding fundraiser and make it happen.

    • Talk with the person in charge of making purchases for the school to determine the budget.
    • Then set a realistic fundraising goal — you can always increase it if you meet it right away.
  • 5. Causes close to students’ hearts

    Supporting humanitarian causes is a key component of service learning — one that teaches pupils about compassion and the value of helping others.

    • Take a poll to find out what causes pupils at your school are passionate about or interested in.
    • It could be local, national or international — there’s no shortage of wonderful causes to support.
    • One popular option is for students to help other pupils who are in need elsewhere.
  • 6. Memorial fund or scholarship fund

    If a teacher, pupil or other community members who is important to your school passes away, honour that person by starting a scholarship fund in their name (with the permission of the person’s family, of course).

    • Come up with ideas for appropriate ways to spend the funds you raise, such as creating a scholarship to be awarded to one pupil at the end of the year, dispersing donations to a group of students for summer camp or earmarking money for a special school event.
    • Memorial fundraisers are a great way for your students to transform their loss into something positive and be involved in a legacy project.

Get your school fundraiser off the ground

No need to waste time trying to figure out how to raise funds for that important school event, class trip or worthy cause. GoFundMe is here to provide you with the best crowdfunding platform and unique fundraising ideas to help and support you and your school along the way. If you haven’t already launched your school fundraiser, create one today.

Note: if you’re 12 or younger, please have a parent or guardian start your GoFundMe. If you’re between 13 and 17, please get your parent or guardian’s permission to start an account.

Start a school fundraiser

Primary school fundraising ideas

While many primary school fundraisers focus on meeting a school’s financial needs, consider using a crowdfunding fundraiser to give back instead. Launching a charitable crowdfunding fundraiser can provide amazing opportunities for personal growth. Teachers can use online fundraising as opportunities to engage students and encourage them to cultivate compassion inside and outside the classroom.

Six ideas for primary school fundraising

  • 1. Fundraising for endangered animals

    If your child is an animal lover or concerned about endangered species, set up a crowdfunding fundraiser to help protect a species, preserve a habitat or protect wild lands.

    • Local organisations or the World Wide Fund for Nature might be an appropriate recipient of your funds.
    • Ask your city zoo or a nearby school for access to a space you can use for a fundraising event.
    • If your child is studying endangered species in school, consider working with teachers to get a classwide effort going.
    • When children take a hands-on role in fundraising for a cause close their hearts, they gain leadership skills, a sense of social responsibility and direct experience making the world a better place.
  • 2. Support worthy causes the class chooses

    Teachers who want to encourage empathy in pupils should consider starting a crowdfunding fundraiser with their classes. This can be a great educational experience that helps students be proactive about the injustice they see in the world.

    • Consider partnering with a sister school that needs help paying for school supplies or other necessities. Or, raise money for a nearby children’s hospital.
    • Encourage pupils to use critical thinking skills and creativity to come up with fundraising ideas.
  • 3. Hold a mock game show night

    Hold a fundraiser in your auditorium and invite parents or families to participate in a quiz-show contest.

    • Before the event, form teams and have each team raise funds together.
    • Ask a local business to donate the top prize.
    • Get a staff member to MC.
    • Set up a trivia competition like Jeopardy!, but with a twist: focus on information that relates to your school or town history.
    • Provide breaks in the competition for snacking and socialising.
    • Have a station where guests can make a suggested donation.
    • Publicise the event on social media. This is a great opportunity for teachers and parents to work together and give back.
  • 4. Host a recycling-themed fundraiser

    Organise a waste reduction project — for example, an e-waste drive where supporters donate money to your fundraiser and, in return, you pick up and safely recycle their electronic waste.

    • You can also collect pledges for distance covered in a park or beach cleanup, or pledges for a certain amount of energy or water saved within a certain timeframe.
    • To double the impact, donate funds to an organisation that works to address the effects of climate change.
  • 5. Host a performance for charity night

    Organise a “coffeehouse” event encouraging children to put themselves out there and express themselves creatively.

    • Use this night of musical performances to spotlight and celebrate the talents of your students. Invite the school choir to perform.
    • Sell snacks and drinks, and ask for donations from the audience.
    • You can expand this fundraising idea into a formal talent show, raising money for your crowdfunding fundraiser through ticket sales.
  • 6. Organize a read-a-thon

    Ask your class to gather pledges in a read-a-thon fundraising event.

    • For every page read by a pupil, sponsors agree to donate a certain amount of money to the crowdfunding fundraiser. This is a great way to encourage pupils to read while raising money for a cause.
    • Have them record the number of pages they read, as well as the names of the books and a short synopsis of each.
    • You can even collect some of their summaries and post them as updates to your fundraiser.
    • Set a fundraising goal at the outset, so you know how many pages need to be read to reach the goal.
    • At the end of your fundraiser, use the funds to improve your library, or donate the funds to an organisation that promotes child literacy.

The road to a better world

Children are the future and, by instilling compassion in them, we help find hope for a better tomorrow for people, animals and communities around the world. If you haven’t already started a fundraiser with your children or pupils, get together with them, pick a cause they’re passionate about and start giving back by launching a fundraiser today.

Note: to create a GoFundMe account, you must be at least 13 years old and have your parent or guardian’s permission.

Start a school fundraiser

Secondary school fundraising ideas

It can be challenging to come up with fresh fundraising ideas that excite both pupils and parents. The start of the school year can be an incredibly busy time and parents who have spent money on school supplies and clothes may be reluctant to spend even more on a fundraiser — but raising money early on can give you resources to last throughout your academic year.

Six ideas for secondary school fundraising

  • 1. Hold a pancake breakfast

    • Publicise your pancake breakfast in advance via email, school newsletters and social media.
    • Invite members of the community to support your crowdfunding fundraiser.
    • Charge a flat fee per breakfast in the form of a donation to your fundraiser (you can take donations with a mobile device).
    • Solicit parent volunteers to help prepare the food in your cafeteria, like pancakes and other breakfast foods.
    • Recruit pupils to serve meals and refill coffee.
    • Encourage parents to bring extended family, friends or members of the school community.
  • 2. Host a dance

    Preteen pupils are often eager to socialise with classmates outside of school and fundraising dances provide an opportunity to do so while benefitting your cause.

    • Offer alternative activities for children who aren’t comfortable dancing.
    • Ask pupil representatives to take on an active role in planning and publicising the dance.
    • Recruit parent and teacher volunteers to supervise.
    • Ask families to make a donation to your crowdfunding fundraiser in lieu of buying a ticket.
    • To reduce overhead, find a trusted alumni or community member to DJ, or recruit a local band to perform.
  • 3. Organize a tie-dye event

    Here’s how to set up a tie-dye booth:

    • Buy a low-cost fabric dye in a variety of colours.
    • Invite pupils to bring their white t-shirts, socks or sweatshirts to dye in exchange for a donation.
    • Have them write their name in marker pen somewhere inside each article of clothing.
    • Fill buckets with cold water and a few dye packets to make bold colours.
    • Teach students how to tie up their clothes for a bullseye or swirl pattern.
  • 4. Give students a chance to leave their mark

    If your secondary school fundraising fundraiser benefits a construction project or other upgrade to your facilities, brainstorm ways you can raise money by letting students contribute a handprint, quote or some other artistic flourish to the building.

    • You could ask them to find a sponsor for each tile in a garden mosaic.
    • Or, you can charge pupils a small amount to leave their handprint in paint or cement or to make their own mini-mural on a small section of wall.
    • Encourage creative expression and simultaneously helps raise money in small amounts can add up to a huge success.
  • 5. Host a cake-decorating contest

    Here’s how to organise a cake-decorating contest.

    • Participants can donate a set amount to your crowdfunding fundraiser to participate.
    • Ask a local bakery or grocery store to donate plain, unfrosted cakes and see if any other businesses are willing to donate gift cards or goods for a winning prize.
    • Have contestants make their own frosting and decorate the cakes however they like, then bring the cakes to school on the day of the event.
    • Gather a panel of judges to choose the winning cake, then auction off all of the contenders to benefit your fundraiser.
  • 6. Arrange a game night

    From Scrabble to Catchphrase to Jeopardy!, there are dozens of options for group games that help expand vocabularies and keep pupils entertained.

    • Encourage families or groups to sign up for the game night as teams, making a minimum donation as an entrance fee.
    • Host the event in a gym or auditorium. It can be tournament style, or groups can choose from different games.
    • Provide snacks and ask for parent volunteers to keep the evening running smoothly.
    • This can provide an opportunity for students to socialise in a low-pressure atmosphere and connect with peers outside their immediate friend groups.

Blaze new trails

For many people, secondary school is a difficult time — an awkward in-between period in which pupils struggle to adjust to bodily changes as well as increased responsibility and freedom. But middle school fundraisers can actually be constructive projects that make this new territory less threatening for pupils. By organising a crowdfunding fundraiser that features events that allow children to socialise and express their creativity, you help them become more confident young people while raising money for the school. If you haven’t already, launch a school fundraiser today.

Note: to create a GoFundMe account, you must be at least 13 years old and have your parent or guardian’s permission.

Start a secondary school fundraiser

Private school fundraising ideas

It isn’t uncommon for private schools to have a large and active philanthropic programme that requires pupils and families to make contributions of time and money. For example, families may be required to volunteer a specific number of service hours to the school. Service learning builds community, encourages compassion and helps instill a sense of ownership and pride. As part of these efforts, pupils and parents can use crowdfunding to help finance clubs, sports, community service projects or add to the school’s endowment or the general fund.

Reach your goals with crowdfunding

Whether you’re a parent on the school’s fundraising committee or a pupil involved in a community service project, crowdfunding can help you reach your goals. Along with crowdfunding, many schools organise offline fundraising events, which can help boost awareness and encourage involvement.

  • One of the biggest needs in private school communities is for need-based scholarships. Dedicate a crowdfunding fundraiser or event to the schools scholarship fund to take the pressure off stretched low- and middle-income families.
  • Private-school pupils often have a wealth of supplies and resources. Raising money for supplies for a sister school, nearby or around the world, can help pupils appreciate their good fortune.
  • Let pupils lead. When giving arises out of pupils’ passions and interests, it helps build commitment and motivation.

Six ideas for private school fundraising

  • 1. Support refugee relief efforts

    Encourage students to be citizens of the world. Climate change and regional conflicts have created huge waves of refugees globally.

    • One way for students to showcase compassion is to start a fundraiser and raise funds to keep refugees safe and ease their suffering.
    • Find a reputable charity aimed at helping refugees and raise funds for it.
  • 2. Keep scholarships alive

    Often, a school’s fundraising committee dedicates a fair amount of time and resources toward raising money for financial aid. Private schools offer scholarships and discounted tuition to students whose families can’t afford to pay the full cost of tuition.

    • By providing need-based and/or merit-based scholarships, private schools maintain a more vibrant and diverse student body.
    • Crowdfunding can help pupils, parents, staff and alumni replenish the coffers that make financial aid possible.
  • 3. Stay active

    Depending on your school’s extracurricular budget, participating in a school sport may require fundraising for things like uniforms, field maintenance and repair, coaches’ salaries, travel to tournaments, equipment and more. Pupil-athletes welcome the opportunity to raise funds for their athletic programmes. Whatever the team’s needs are, crowdfunding can help make the season a smashing success.

  • 4. Host a cook-off

    To start a friendly competition between pupils, faculty and parents, organise a cook-off to display cooking or baking skills.

    • You can either charge an entrance fee (via a donation to your fundraiser) or require tasting fees from participants (in the form of a contribution).
    • Find a venue such as your school’s dining hall or auditorium to host this event.
    • The winner is awarded bragging rights as the best chef at your school.
  • 5. Organize a march

    As a play on the movie March of the Penguins, hold a school-wide march. This works especially well for environmentalist clubs or pupils interested in protecting and preserving the environment.

    • Have everyone design his or her own penguin costume and require an entrance fee to participate in the march.
    • The costumes allow people to get creative while raising awareness for your chosen environmental cause.
  • 6. Host an outdoor film night

    Host a social gathering for parents and their children by organising an outdoor movie fundraising event.

    • Pick a famous movie (or vote on one) and invite everyone to enjoy the film together from the comfort of lawn chairs and blankets.
    • Find an outdoor space, a powerful projector, a screen (or sheet, or flat white wall) and speakers that can fill the space with the right level of sound.
    • Take donations with a mobile device. Whip up some popcorn and sell it for a small price.
    • A fun variation: host a summer dive-in film in a swimming pool.

Get your school fundraiser off the ground

No need to waste time figuring out how to go about raising funds for your school event, class trip, programme, club or worthy cause. Get the ball rolling with a crowdfunding fundraiser on GoFundMe — because it has a 0% platform fee for organizers, you get to keep more of the funds your raise. We also offer a wealth of resources and unique fundraising ideas. If you haven’t already launched your school fundraiser, create your fundraiser today.

Note: to create a GoFundMe account, you must be at least 13 years old and have your parent or guardian’s permission.

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