How to Help: Donate to Ukraine Relief Efforts

Since the war in Ukraine began, hundreds of millions have been raised on GoFundMe to support those affected.

Those fundraising efforts are continuing, as people around the world come together to help and show solidarity to those in need

Donate to verified fundraisers

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    GoFundMe is committed to helping Ukraine and protecting donors

    We’re taking proactive measures to protect the GoFundMe community while also aiding the Ukrainian people throughout this humanitarian crisis. Here’s how we’re handling the fundraisers started to benefit the Ukrainian people:

    • Our Trust & Safety team carefully reviews fundraisers related to the crisis to help ensure they are compliant with US and international laws.
    • Fundraisers that were started before February 23, 2022 may be placed under review until we can ensure that they are compliant with evolving economic sanctions.
    • If we need additional information to confirm whether we are able to support a fundraiser, we will reach out to the organizer to aid in our review.
    • Please note that specific circumstances and additional facts collected may require us to investigate further or remove the fundraiser. This is not a policy specific to GoFundMe—it is based on laws, global financial regulations, and evolving economic sanctions that we must abide by.

    Fundraising is not allowed for the following at this time:

    • Any war effort support, regardless of the country, which can include funding weapons, any supplies to soldiers, and propaganda
    • Travel to the location to support military or propaganda efforts
    • Any fundraisers in violation of our Terms of Service

    For questions about fundraising for Ukraine relief, view our FAQ.

    As the situation develops and new information is released by governments and governmental agencies, our fundraising guidance is expected to change. You can also learn more about how GoFundMe is helping those affected here.