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Fundraising for individuals and groups of all sizes

Individual fundraising

Learn how to build, launch, and grow your fundraiser. It’s helpful to let donors know who you are and how their donation will help you.

Clarity, transparency, and honesty will help potential donors trust and offer support.  Read more to set up a successful individual fundraiser.

Fundraising for individuals

Team fundraising

Team fundraising means you’re raising funds with others. Find out best practices for creating and growing your team fundraiser.

Use your team’s social networks to get the word out. Read more to learn how to be set up a successful team fundraiser.

Fundraising for teams

Fundraising for organizations

Learn how organizations both large and small are using crowdfunding to drive donations to their cause and spread awareness.

Drive donations and reach new potential donors to help set your organization’s fundraiser up for success.

Fundraising for organizations

Fundraising strategies

At GoFundMe we’ve seen fundraisers reach success using simple strategies. We’ve compiled our best fundraising ideas and tips to help your fundraiser stand out. Check out our blog for unique ways to raise awareness for you cause, drive donations, and reach new audiences.