Eight Ways to Thank Essential Workers Fighting COVID-19

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It’s no secret that essential workers are spending hours tirelessly working through the coronavirus crisis. If you’re looking for simple ways to thank essential workers in your neighbourhood, we’ve come up with a few ideas for you to try out.

Start a relief fundraiser

A few ways you can thank coronavirus helpers 

While we may never be able to properly thank coronavirus frontline workers and express our gratitude for all of their hard work, there are a few very easy things we all can do to show our appreciation. See which options work best for your situation and remember to adhere to social distancing practices when showing your admiration for workers on the COVID-19 front lines.

Write a letter or draw a picture

The list of essential workers to thank is long. Consider the mailmen, doctors, nurses, grocery store employees, delivery drivers, assisted living workers, garbage collectors, repairmen, social workers, law enforcement officers, and food and agricultural workers who help keep the world running on a daily basis. Now, you can choose one of them and write a letter to say thank you. Or, if you’re more comfortable with drawings, say thank you with a handmade sign or picture.

Donate to a fundraiser to provide PPE to essential workers

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, folks have been rallying together to make sure essential workers have access to the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need by crowdfunding for supplies. If you’re looking to make a donation to help essential workers get access to masks, gloves, face shields, and other protective equipment, one of these frontline responders fundraisers would be a good place to donate. Or, you can make a donation to the Frontline Responders Fund that is funding the production and delivery of PPE supplies for frontline workers in hospitals. 

Fundraise for essential workers

If you’re inspired to take action and encourage your community to follow in your footsteps, consider starting a fundraiser of your own. You can raise funds with any of the above causes in mind. Perhaps you want to raise funds to send food to essential workers in need. 

Maybe you’d like to raise funds to provide PPE to essential workers who live in your area. Or, maybe you’d like to raise money to buy crafting supplies to make a few signs that thank essential workers in your community. Whatever you cause may be, you can start a fundraiser to make an impact. 

Make a sign to put up in your neighbourhood

Putting up a sign or banner in your neighbourhood is a great visual way to thank essential workers that live or work in your neighbourhood. Whether you put up a small sign on your front door or a massive banner across the garage door, the sentiment remains the same—those working on the front lines will surely feel touched by this small act of kindness.

Send food to a local hospital or business

If you want to thank COVID-19 doctors, nurses, and essential hospital workers, sending them food is a great way to show your gratitude. Be sure to check in with the hospital or establishment where you are planning to deliver food to make sure they are equipped and able to receive your generous gift. 

Also, keep in mind that organizations like Feed the Frontline have started fundraisers to support emergency food service for essential workers and people in need. If donating is a simpler option than delivering food to local hospitals in your area, look for an organization doing something similar in your town. 

Make care packages full of items they might want or need

If you’re looking to thank COVID-19 nurses or doctors for working to keep us all safe, keep in mind that they are likely working longer hours than normal. If you personally know a doctor working on the front lines, consider putting together a care package of things that they might need when they’re working long shifts: an extra pair of comfortable socks, a favourite snack, or even just a handwritten note can help them get through their shift.

If you want to send a care package to a local hospital, touch base with the front desk to see what types of items the hospital is able to receive during this time. Also, keep in mind that this may be taxing on delivery drivers, who are also essential workers. Delivery drivers may be good candidates for care packages as well. 

Be aware of essential workers that are striking

According to NPR, many essential workers at companies like Amazon, Whole Foods, Target, and FedEx have been going on strike to advocate for hazard pay, sick leave, and protective gear while working. Try to keep this in mind when you are preparing to use these companies. If you are able to reduce the demand on days when workers are striking, you can show your support and solidarity with these workers. 

Reach out to the essential workers in your life to support them

Essential workers are not made up of one demographic or economic status. Many essential workers are simply trying to learn how to homeschool their children and make ends meet during the coronavirus crisis. If you personally know any essential workers, reach out to them and see what they need. If they’re a single parent, perhaps you can babysit their children for a few days. If they’re part of a low-income family having trouble gathering the funds to buy food, maybe you could drop off a few bags of groceries. 

We’re all in this together: share your gratitude

The coronavirus knows no borders. The only thing that we can do to protect ourselves and others is to rally together as a community while we physically distance ourselves. By starting a GoFundMe, you have the opportunity to bring your community together to work toward a common goal in these uniquely challenging times. Start a GoFundMe for the essential workers who are working tirelessly to make sure we all stay healthy and safe during these stressful times.

Start a COVID-19 fundraiser

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