Easy Ways to Raise Money for a Mission Trip to Africa

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Going on a mission trip to Africa gives you a chance to soak up a new culture while making an impact on a community in need. Many people struggle to find the funds to cover the program expenses. Don’t let these costs deter you from volunteering.

Crowdfunding is a tool that anyone can use to gather support and raise money for a mission trip to Africa. Create an online fundraiser to share your vision of giving back, highlighting what motivated you to go. Your compassion will touch people, inspiring them to donate to your fundraiser.

Mission trip to Africa: expenses to consider

When preparing for a mission trip to Africa, you should take the time to understand the costs. Each trip will vary on the specifics, but here are a few things you can expect to include in your calculations.

Program fees

Every organization that facilitates mission trips has a fee to help cover general expenses like food and materials. Sometimes they include every extra cost within this fee; however, some do not. Make a detailed list of your organization’s program fees first. This will help you determine the best way to raise the funds.


You need to consider paying for the flights to and from the location you are serving. In order to secure the cheapest flights, it is key to book your transportation well in advance. This is why planning your mission trip months before you depart is key to your success.

Passport or visa

In order to travel to Africa, you need a passport and most countries also require a visa. Some of you may already have a passport, which will lessen the costs here. Update your passport if it is not current. 


When travelling abroad, it is important to take steps to lower your risk of developing a disease. Depending on where you are travelling to, you may need to receive travel immunizations. Double check to make sure your routine immunizations are up to date. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a resource for finding a travel clinic.

Other expenses

Depending on the program you may need to have some extra spending money on hand. If you are going on a medical mission trip, you may be asked to raise money for medical supplies. Make sure you check with your program to see if you need to bring funds for other potential expenses on your trip.

Fundraising tools for mission trips

After you have taken the time to understand your program costs, the next step is to decide what fundraising tools you are going to use. A mission trip fundraising letter is a great way to solicit donations from family members and friends. Share your fundraiser via social media to cast a wide net of potential donors that you may not know. Use these six mission trip fundraising ideas to take your fundraiser to the next level.

Mission trip fundraising tips

  1. When planning out your mission trip to Africa, it is smart to start off by outlining your game plan.
  2. Social media is a key fundraising tool. With the help of sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can reach potential donors in a way that will excite them. You can bring in more funds by making a compelling video about your journey or run a social media contest to spread the word.
  3. Keep your supporters in the loop with updates on your fundraiser. They want to know that you are using their donations to make a sustainable impact. Consider making a fundraising blog about your experience. And make sure to thank your donors along the way for their support.

Ready to start raising money?

Whether you are planning on volunteering with a group or alone, mission trip fundraising will help you reach your goals.

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