Charities for Women in Canada That Need Your Help

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COVID-19 has intensified inequities everywhere, including gender equality. The pandemic has underscored society’s reliance on women, while still, hurting the advancement and progress of Canadian women and girls. 

Women have faced higher rates of job loss, deaths related to COVID-19, and gender-based violence than men. And these consequences will outlast the pandemic. Canadians are raising money to protect women’s rights, uplift racialized women, and help remediate the harm of this year. Raise money for charities for women in Canada. 

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Why women’s charities matter and why you should help

Women’s charities and organizations range from shelters and providing basic needs, fighting for equality under the law, and reproductive rights to social services, education and support for the BIPOC community. 

To unpack one of the dire needs, a new national survey by Women’s Shelters Canada says that 52 per cent of their shelters report seeing clients who are experiencing either somewhat or much more severe violence during the period of consistent lockdowns. These shelters are in critical need of financial support to continue to keep women and children safe. 

How you can help

There are a number of ways to get involved in national and local women’s charities and advocate for women and girls on International Women’s Day. 

Volunteer with women’s charities

Give the gift of your time, and use your skills to benefit a women’s charity. For example, with Shelter Movers, you can support with moving and operations, web development, marketing communications and much more. And at Girls Who Code you can start your own club to help close the gender gap in technology. 

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Fundraise for charities

Raise money and get the word out about your favourite women’s charity. In just minutes, you can start a GoFundMe for a certified charity or a women’s cause close to your heart. Here are a few Canadian charities you can consider supporting:

  • Canadian Women’s Foundation: Canada’s public foundation for diverse women and girls. They fund programs across Canada, prioritizing communities where the need is greatest. These programs address four urgent issues: gender-based violence, economic security, girls’ empowerment, and inclusive leadership. 
  • Native Women’s Association of Canada: The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) is founded on the collective goal to enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of First Nations, Métis and Inuit women. NWAC is an aggregate of thirteen Native women’s organizations from across Canada and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1974.  
  • Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment: The Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment is committed to building the self-esteem & self-worth of young women & girls by positively influencing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons, & helping them to empower themselves.
  • Women’s Shelters Canada: They provide a strong, unified, pan-Canadian voice on the issue of violence against women. They help increase awareness to ensure that policies, legislation and regulations are informed by the experiences and insights of our members, the provincial and territorial shelter networks. They created ShelterSafe, an online resource for women and children seeking safety from violence.
  • Black Women in Motion: They are a Toronto-based, youth-led organization that empowers and supports the advancement of black womxn and survivors of sexual violence. They work within an anti-racist, intersectional feminist, trauma-informed and survivor-centred framework to create culturally-relevant content, educational tools, healing spaces and economic opportunities for black womxn. 
  • Shoebox Project: A registered charity that collects and distributes gift-filled Shoeboxes to women impacted by homelessness in communities across Canada

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is a global event, celebrating and raising awareness for women’s rights. This year is focused on #ChooseToChallenge, the organization notes that “A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let’s all choose to challenge.”

When is International Women’s Day?

Join the world on March 8th to fight for gender equality on International Women’s Day. Whether you are helping a shelter afford basic necessities or advocating for workplace gender equality – women’s issues are everyone’s issues. 

Support women’s rights today

Fundraise for a Canadian women’s charity and help raise awareness against bias and inequality on March 8th. Join the over 10,000 people starting a GoFundMe a day to make a difference in someone’s life, support vulnerable communities, or change a nation. 

Raise money for women’s rights 

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