How to Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research

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The ongoing fight to stop breast cancer can sometimes feel like an endless battle against a many-headed dragon. In recent years, new research and treatments have given us every reason to believe we’re on the cusp of winning this battle.

Until recently, cancers were studied, researched, and treated based primarily on where in the body they occurred (kidneys, lungs, breast, etc.).

Today, however, the approach to fighting cancer is changing, with new treatments including gene therapy, stem cell treatments, and even use of safely altered viruses to reprogram our immune cells. Researchers are developing new genetic, lab, and imaging tests for cancer. They’re pinpointing ways to reduce risk, generating targeted treatments that take into account an individual cancer’s profile, and running clinical trials on promising new treatments.

Breast cancer awareness month: crowdfunding for the cure

Along with breakthrough approaches to treatment, the approach to fundraising for breast cancer research is also changing, thanks to crowdfunding. As of this writing, there are thousands of breast-cancer-related fundraisers on GoFundMe. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month—and there’s no better time for you to launch a fundraiser and raise funds for breast cancer research.

Starting a breast cancer research fundraiser is easy. You don’t need an official partnership with a nonprofit organization to raise funds for it—simply start a Certified Charity fundraiser and any funds you raise will automatically be delivered to the charity of your choice.

Choose an organization to raise funds for

Wondering which breast cancer support and research organizations to donate your funds to? Here are some highly regarded organizations doing great work:

Breast cancer fundraisers on GoFundMe

1. Climbing for Breast Cancer Research

“What drove me to partner with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center was the realization I could take my passion and help others who have displayed their own personal strength, but for another reason – for health. I am talking about the brave souls who have and continue to, battle breast cancer. This deadly and unforgiving disease touches all of us: our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, partners, family, and friends. I have had the honor of climbing beside these fierce and inspiring individuals on two separate occasions. I will never be able to fully describe the feeling of pushing past what seems impossible, alongside a survivor.”

2. 800 miles for breast cancer research

“I am proud to announce I am participating in my first charity ride this May. I have spent all my time and energy training for races and wanted to do something different that could help make a difference. I have signed up for an 8 day 800-mile race in Ireland to benefit Breast cancer research.

As a nurse, I have met so many patients and families who have touched me greatly and who have not been as fortunate to have health and ability to participate in such events as this one.”

3. Shaving my mullet for breast cancer

“Throughout my life, my friends, family, colleagues and myself have all been impacted by the devastation of breast cancer. I am wanting to do my part and help raise awareness and donate as much mula as I can raise for the NBCF. In 2012, my best friend lost his mum to breast cancer, and ever since feeling his heartbreak, I have done what I can to help to raise awareness and support the NBCF.

In 2012, I raised over $2000.00 to the NBCF when I shaved my beautiful head of golden locks and that was, without a doubt, the proudest moment of my life. In 2018, I am getting the clippers ready for round two! As many of you know, I am sporting a pretty disgusting/filthy hairstyle at the moment, and I am willing to shave this bad boy off if I reach my goal of $1000.00; but I’m not wanting to stop there.”

4. Breast Cancer Research in NJ

“The PINK Tournament is a fastpitch softball tournament, hosted and facilitated by the Pink Ribbon Softball, Inc. along with Susan G. Komen Central and Southern NJ and local community volunteers. In 11 years the tournament has raised over $628,000 for the Susan G. Komen – Central & South Jersey and Princeton YMCA Breast Cancer Research Center.”

5. IRONMAN x Breast Cancer Research

“Hi there! I’m Hillary. I am competing in the July 29th, 2018 IRONMAN event in Zurich, Switzerland to raise money for the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Everything raised in the next three months will be directly donated to the charity. I’m doing this for several wonderful women in my life, major role models of mine – past and present, who have faced/are facing breast cancer-related diagnoses along the spectrum.”

Start breast cancer research fundraising today

The cure is in the future; the time for action is now by fundraising for cancer research. Start your free fundraiser for breast cancer research on GoFundMe and crowdfund for the cure.  

Start a cancer research fundraiser

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